Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Martha Stewart Punches

Hello ladies,

iam just back from a shopping trip at Michaels. I usually buy for some of my European friends new sets as soon as they hit the stores here. When i saw them yesterday, i just took the names down but my friends told me that they could not find any pictures of them online. So today when i went and purchased some i just took a few extras to show how they look like.

If you want them please feel free to EMAIL (! please do not comment on this posting on the blog otherwise i might get all mixed up with my garage sale, the WOJ candy and this new posting :-) Thank you!

Here are the prices:
1 Set is 24.99 plus 6% Michigan tax = $26.49

I do ship internationally 2 sets fit maximal in a flaterate envelope (i must take the wrapping off the punches) and it would cost INTERNATIONALLY $12.80

Paypal only please

Laurel Leaf

Laurel leaf Swirling lace

swirling Lace

French scroll

french scroll


angelique (anlou) said...

thay look gorgeous hun
hugs angelique

Evgenia Levitskaya said...

I bought one MS set with butterflies and was so happy, the price is really nice

Agnieszka M said...

I love MS punch This is beautiful!!!