Sunday, November 27, 2011


Late Thanksgiving shopping Smile
On Friday evening I was kind of getting restless, but I did not want to go back into the crowds again, after I picked up Lucas from a playdate I went to my local yarn shop. aawwwhhh and ooohhh. again. I could spent hours there. With the intention to purchase some bright colors of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn. Well.. this is what I came home with Smile Nothing baby-ish about it.. boy I love this yarn. I saw a finished scarf in the store hanging and I totally loved how it felt touching it.

Of course.. it was NORO again Smile this time from Kogarashi line and it is my second project working with this amazing yarn. The pattern was handed by the store owner.. I it is very simple – cast on 141 stiches with a size 11 US round 32” needle, join and go in seed stich around. which gives you a nice pattern on both sides.. just looks best when wearing it. After about7-8 hours of knitting (Friday night I worked til 2:30 am) it looked  kind of like this Noro_3

Last night I finished the scarf and it looks like this.  I draped all kinds of skeins around my neck and this is what I liked the best. I love the colors.. I had a couple of choices but I think these colors are going to look amazing with any kind of coat, jeans and even if you wear some settled lipstick.


This scarf is currently pending for one of my readers but if you like me to make one for you too, I would be happy to make one for you or as gift giving.
The costs of this scarf would be ($22.00 plus 6% tax = 23.32 per skein x 2 = $ 46.64 = costs for material plus $23.36 for the making = $70.00)   about $ 3.00 per hour, please

Noro_1Yarn: Noro Kogarashi – seed stich cowl – long enough to wind once around neck
Specific Fiber: 51% Silk, 49% Wool
price: $ 70.00 – currently pending (contact claudiaesrosa at


Ageeth Holster said...

it looks GREAT! love also these colours!
Hugs Ageeth x

Marian de Maijer said...

Ziet er mooi uit en prachtige kleuren

June Nelson said...

Love all the colours its like a dark rainbow brilliant xxxx

Anonymous said...

The Packers have lots of owners nobody knows instead of one owner who doesn't know squat. Revathi

Iris said...

It's gorgeous Claudi, love the colors! Just too bad that I don't need any scarfs, mittens or hats etc. anymore down here...sometimes I really miss cold cold weahter....LOL


Hanneke said...

Wow, gorgeous! Those colors look lovely and would brighten up any winter day and make a great addition to any outfit. Hugs, Hanneke

Myassetsconsolidation said...
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