Monday, April 26, 2010

My Copic Storage

 Hello ladies,

i wanted to show you my new “rack” for my Copics. I have i have found those by chance last week Friday in a tiny store here locally (NOT IKEA). I first took just one home – i was scared it would not work. Than a few hours later i went and got me the second unit. Copic_Storage

Love it.. i have organized now my markers and it works so much better than my other solution. The markers are now sorted into 10’, 20’ and so on. I have not shrinked the pictures – so you should be able to see them close up.

If you are interested in one of those units, there is only 1 left and i have it on hold for me until tomorrow.


I would ship only inside the US. The box is very light weight and should not be more than a flaterate, somewhere in the 5-6 dollar range.

If you are interested, shoot me an email to and i can go tomorrow morning and purchase the unit for you. The unit is 20.00 plus actual shipping costs to your zip code, plus paypal fees. 

Still much cheaper than the Copic original rack that’s in the $100 rangeCopic_Storage_1


Marley said...

That looks really wonderfull!! and wow you have sooo many copics.. Little jelous hihi!! big hugs Marley

Juls said...

that looks fabulous! I am so envious! Hugs Juls

Pamela said...

I have those too! I am using only one right now. I have the original for Copics. I guess that is the quirks of having owned a scrapbook store. I just retired 3 weeks ago. Love it!

pinky said...

Brilliant storage, wish they sold those over here.


Wow, you have copics!!! I've only 8 of them ;-) Not much for a storage hey!!

Big Hugh,

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

OMG, I have zero copics. Been on the fence to 'go there'. I love your idea, no more digging or moving them over. Hugs, Jane

cafty lil pixie said...

Thats a fabulous idea, I'm going to keep an eye out here in Australia for something like that too... for when I get the copic's hehehe ;) Hugs Hayley

NikkiNix said...

OOOhhh, ahhh... just awesome! I'm drooling over here ;)

PattiM said...

Love that rack and all the colors you have stored. Wish I had the space so I could sort my colors together... Nice


{Pattie's passion}

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Debby said...

looks great!!

raya manna said...

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Sabine said...

Hallo Claudia...
ich sehe gerade....Du bist gebürtihge muß ich mich vielleicht nicht mit meinem schlechten Englisch abmühen?!?!?!?
Gerade habe ich Dein Copic-Rack gesehen. Meine Güte....hast Du vieeeeeeeele Stifte!!!!
Ich höre zwar immer von ihrer guten Qualität....aber sie sind mir doch einfach zu teuer!!!
Viele Grüsse aus dem sonnigen Schwabenlä 70 km nördlich von Ulm....zwischen Aalen und Schwäbisch Gmünd

Thanh Vo said...

Thanks for sharing your great new Copic storage solution!

Kylie said...

220 markers hey? in 2 1/2 years? LOL - I started my collection in Feb this year and have almost 60 - my husband blames you :)
I love your storgage - so nice to have everything organised and at your fingertips! I'm looking for something nice too now, but we are limited over here in Australia.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Vee said...

Fabulous storage Claudia. I have mine in hanging pots from Ikea. It does the job but I prefer your idea. Thanks for sharing.
xx Vee

Carole said...

Wonderful storage idea many Copics :-D
Carole x

sunnydale1uk said...

I Love this storage idea. Do you know what the shelf unit was intended to be used for>?

Kiki said...

Dear Claudia Rosa,

I wanted to purchase the Copic Storage for my mother. I am purchasing her first set of Copic markers as a surprise and I wanted to get her a clear storage unit that she would appreciate. While googling marker storage I found your blog. I am just hoping that the location where your storage was purchased still sells the storage unit. Please let me know when time permits in your day. Best. Kiki