Monday, February 10, 2014

Easy & inexpensive kids Valentines

Hi there…

OMG… its time for me to post all the Valentines “stuff” I made. Time flies – kids sick, me sick, snowstorms where you have to entertain those goof balls and still so much stuff going on with the kitchen.

I cant hold it I must tell you guys what has been going on here!
We ordered our kitchen in early September after we knew the layout (we did change a entire outside wall and therefore a window), ripped the old kitchen out and found a big rotten hole in the floor, which had to be fixed of course before we were able to move on.

long story short, this Friday we opened our 4th replacement delivery of “Signature Omega” cabinets (just saying because they are high end cabinets and not hardware store purchase) and surprise the people there at Omega seam to have no quality control what so ever so we got AGAIN 5 out of 5 damaged or not stained correctly cabinets. WTH seriously?

From 25 cabinets doors on the bottom 23!!! have to be replaced because they are not done right. I am going nuts. Each new delivery takes 3-4 weeks to make and stain the cabinet and 2 weeks of shipping. Meanwhile we can’t tile the backsplash because we need the cabinets hung first.

You will not believe it.. I have enough cabinets to re-do an entire kitchen layout my new kitchen is. That’s how many extra cabinets I have now sitting in my family room, basement and garage. At first it sounded great to me.. now we are all just annoyed. Once we get a chance we will re do the laundry room with the cabinets and the rest I guess we try to sell. What else shall I do with all those cabinets?!

Well.. back to crafting.
During one of our school free snowstorm days I crafted with the kids their Valentines gifts for class mates. Since one of my sons is 10 now I was able to give him a bit more detailed work to do and with my youngest I just did pencils (love gifts that do not have all candy on it!) and we glued some hearts to them.

Here is a shot of the lot with one tag that’s a bit more fancy… more further down.

Valentine Paint_chip_1

Ok.. the fancy tag I gave to my girl friend Christina. I heat embossed the paint chip with Frantage and used Tilda with Spring heart sitting on a paper doily cut in half and a die cut from a Magnolia Doo Hickey. I used Simple Tag Doo Hickey (currently on sale)to cut a tag out and stamped “Be My Valentine” also by Magnolia on all of them.
Other dies used are by Joy! crafts Butterfly border and Vintage Butterfly

Valentine Paint_chip_2

Here you see “some” of the tags for the kids (we made 25). since I wanted Lucas to work with me on the tags I used Martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly punch instead of using the die and instead of using Frantage (can you imagine a 10 year old heat embossing lol) I had him use Liquid pearls. A few gems, ribbon, hemp and chocolate and the job is done.
Oh… I forgot.. the paint chips came from Sherwin Williams … they all came with this cute wavy border. So there was already some detail on them and they are not as long as the ones I saw at Home Depot. Over all this was really inexpensive and fun but it did take more time to make it for 25 kids than of course buying something at the store Smile

Valentine Paint_chip_3

additionally we used: Memento ink in black, crop a dile, small heart punch, Distress in in Vintage photo, Mini mounting tabs for Tilda, good glue and Stickles

Thanks girls


Ludkasz said...

Beautiful tags:)

..Karen said...

So gorgeous and so very very creative!!!

Dena said...

Girl! Soooooo gorgeous!! Your projects are so perfectly balanced and perfectly done! Love the paint chip idea, saw it on Pinterest and thought it would look wonderful!!!
Cabinet overload sounds like NO FUN!!! I think they owe you a big discount!!!
Hugs, Dena

Becky said...

You poor thing. For something to be so high end, they should be ashamed of them selves.

I love those tags! What a great idea to used the paint samples.

Christina C. said...

Dein tolles tag haengt in meinem Bastelzimmer damit Ich es jeden Tag bewundern kann!
Bravo fuer Lucas...wunderschoene tags habt Ihr beide gemacht!

Donna Mosley said...

Ooh! these are so gorgeous Claudia, what a fab idea. Sounds liken you have a rough time with the new kitchen hun, hope you get it sorted soon.

Donna x

Helena (Gvendalen) said...

So beautiful project! love colors and embellishments. hugs, Helena

Kelly Neis said...

Those Valentines are so sweet! Your kids are going to be popular with them! I love how they helped you too, very nice thing to learn. Sorry about your kitchen frustration, wow, you just never know how things are going to go and this is a major part of your everyday living! Wish you some peace and I sure hope they get it right for you!!
Lovely Valentines, thanks for sharing,
Hugs Kelly

Sara said...

These look superr cute and fun to do with the kids, OMG I can`t believe you`ve had all that bad luck with your kitchen you poor thing, hopefully it will get sorted soon, the kitchen is the heart of the home you must be tearing your hair out I know I would be. Sending hugs Sara xxx

Sol said...

Gosh!!! 25???.. You have got to be kidding!! And in all the chaos int the house.... you are crazy woman. :o).... But I know the kids will be thrilled to get it from your boys.. You are so kind... I know many does not receive anything .. and your kids giving something to everyone.. That is so Great!!! :o).. Valentines is not so big in Norway.. though shops try to make it big.. I don´t care.. -Hope you have a Great Celebration.. And that you ged rid of the cabinets soon.. and are able to finish.. Look forward to that!! :o) By the way.. Stams has arrived.. and Thank you so much for the extra clear stamps.. they are so cool!!! Thank you !!! <3

Ella's Design said...

Oh, Claudia! You have been having a time of it and I can SO sympathise with the litchen dilemma after having our house refurbished last year! We were without a kitchen for 4 weeks and that was enough, so I dread to think how you must be coping with all the extra hassle too! Hope things improve soon for you!
I adore the tags that you and Lucas made - such a lovely gift for all his friends and great use of those paint cards...will have to take a few of those next time I'm in the DIY store! Hugs, Lisa x

Sandra H said...

So lovely x

lequita hicks said...

This is an awesome idea. Do you mind if I use it? My daughter is 10 but I think she'll like these her class.

Olivia Roy said...

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claudia said...

I love so much everything you do with colours, papers and embellishments.
many hugs
P.S. I hope you could finish all work in your home soon

My name is Wynneth said...

How gorgeous ! Such a great little Valentines gift and fantastic to upcycle the paint chips.