Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello guys… hope you have had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and you were able to spoil them all and of course that you got some wonderful gifts as well.

We all love to make handmade things and usually this blog is dedicated for my main hobby the card making but as some of you know I also like to knit, here and there I crochet and one of my goals for 2014 is to learn how to sew. So today I would like to show you some of my handmade scarfs I made in addition to the purchased gifts. Some ladies also got a card but I wasn’t able to get each of them a card because as you all know of the situation in the house. Now I also want you to know that all those things have been made all though out the year. Usually I make scarfs in the cold months for gifts but the baby things you see at the end of this posting are made in the summer because they just don’t take that much time. If you are still interested… keep on looking all the way to the bottom, I am offering the baby items for sale.. I have a bunch more if you are interested just don’t have a picture of them taken. I am also happy to share with you the name of the pattern if you email me.

Anyways… Ii ‘d like to show you some of the gifts.
This Pattern is called Cameo and the scarf was knitted with 2 skeins of Madeline Tosh Merino light (Antler and Corsage) – This scarf was sent to Sweden – thought the lady loved lace


This one I made for myself.. splurging on cost of yarn.. its made from cashmere not knowing that I would break out in hives. My neck turned lobster red Sad smile bummer. The pattern is called NAE, I  made once a scarf with this pattern but this time I altered it and knitted it elongated so I have nice ends to tie around my neck. Cant get over it… this scarf is so pretty.


Here is the set I made for my very sweet friend Tammi. The pattern is called “Boneyard” by Stephen West and some fingerless mittens to go with the scarf. Both patterns were free wohoohooo! The yarn is a mixture of Silk and Merino and it has a very pretty shine to it. Love that dust rose color.

IMG_5083_thumb[2]IMG_5087_thumb[2]Magnolia Mittens_1_thumb[2]

This is a set I have made for my husbands to our wedding anniversary which was on November 30. It also uses Cashmere (variegated yarn) – Noro and Silk Alpaca (Debbie Bliss – Andes). The pattern is made up by myself. Cast on 49 sts you slip the 7 sts in the solid color.


Matching hat – pattern is by Stephen West “Botanic”

Paulos botanic hat_2_thumb[2]

Scarf for one of my girlfriends. Pattern is called Pendelum. Yarn is Madelinetosh Merino light (Grasshopper and cloack_

green Pendelum_1_thumb[2]green Pendelum_4_thumb[2]

slouchy hats for the kids – because they loose a bunch of them each year. Yarn is Stonehenge Fiber Mill in Michigan worsted. Pattern is by Purl SoHo (free)

grey slouch_2_thumb[2]skull_2_thumb[2]

Red, red, red, red – Pattern is “Just enough Ruffles”, yarn is Malabrigo Worsted

Just enough ruffles
121312040936359FED -8974618036422F2A5      

Brioche cowl for my son Lucas made with left over Malabrigo worsted yarn (cast on 33 sts) Brioche was too hard to do Kitchener so I did 3 needle bind off. Works for Lucas but its not totally invisible.

Lucas Brioche cowl_thumb[2]

here is an other “Cameo” for my sweet friend Chrissy. yarn is Madeine Tosh Light (Antler and sugarplum)


Here is another “Boneyard” I added to every second stitch a seed bead – once and never again with this yarn. It was so hard. 1 skein of Madeline Tosh Pashmina in color Cherry (Cashmere, Silk and Merino) was enough to make this shawl.


And here are some of the things I have made I like to sell. The sizes range from newborn to like 12 months, please email me ( if you are interested and I can give you more information. I only use higher end yarns Smile brands used are Malabrigo Worsted, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton, Madeline Tosh Vintage, Thaki Cotton, Araucania Ulmo, Dream in Color Classic

For Sale Baby sweaters, tops & cardis
1609212911420762CF -11508691892D15E05C 21336302005B033314 -1284446935B033314 -1282074544611B0A1
139774627173FF0359 139778009621EC5612 156485451221EC5612 -11594471570CFAD39F -13611014293AE82657
16659677133AE82657 -118661776025F6A3E4 184751300053E3F69C 34025053701D14955 -90273101501D14955
14656823686CDFC6E1 7955497311ACD199A 201618478705DB9727 -39551939405DB9727 -152911620761B63C97
-13482161754CC4BA24 -2104588984CC4BA24 -3303599277AB20CDC 14833094365C08A69 207777631913ADDD22
53974932713ADDD22 -1958059334419B2FDA 2586958662CA9AD67    
For Sale Baby sweater, dress and Italy top
1553844201176DB799 1553844234455B0A51 15538442755E56DA96 -8022973575E56DA96 -8022975800C442D4F
-21425673567752AADB -2142567195253FFD94 -2142567162104E7B21    

Anyways… I guess I get my rear moving. I have to go to the fish shop and bring a dead crab back Smile maybe pick a nice coral up. My son’s got a reef aquarium for his birthday – it was supposed to be a hobby for him and hubby but for some reason I got pulled into that too.. so now its my job to get the water ect. and later I might watch some more youtube videos. I am lately into how to style your hair tutorials lol. I feel like 22 lol, geezz… how embarrassing that I need actually someone to show me how to use a curling iron. Later today I want to browse a bit more to card blogs and also need to prepare my blog posting for the Magnolia Christmas calendar. My slot is on the 29! so don’t forget to see me on my Magnolia only blog for a chance to win some candy. hugs to all of you. Thanks for still reading.


cebelica said...

Your scarves are amazing and so are your baby items. You sure have lots of different crafty talents! :) Hugs! xx

elfenkind said...

Ui,Du warst aber fleißig.
Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie schöne Tage und einen guten start ins neue Jahr.

Christina C. said... be so talented....sigh!!!!
Einzigartige Handwerke!!

Juls said...

Beautiful knitwear ..... Love the red ruffles scarf. Hugs Juls xxx

Irene said...

Unglaublich wie viel und was fuer tolle Sahcen du gestrickt hast're a woman of many many talents!!!!!!
Wenn ich Oma werde (would LOVE it!!) werde ich an dich und die niedliche kleine Klamotten denken *lol*!!!

Alles Liebe und ...wie/wo finde ich dein Magnolia Blog??

xx Irene

Sharon said...

They are all gorgeous Claudia. Love the green and black - a very striking colour scheme.
I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and have an enjoyable Near Year.
Hugs Sharon. x

Agnes said...


Danielle Champagne said...

OMG... you were a very busy girl! your scarves are all so beautiful, everything you knit is lovely! I have a coup de coeur for the little baby sweaters, cant' wait to knit some!!! :) Love the nice picture of you and son. hope you had a wonderful christmas, send merry thoughts to you. Hugs.

claudia said...

Hi Claduia,
How many gifts! Everything is very beautifull also baby items.
Your son has a cute face!
Have a good end of year and a best 2014!
many hugs

Chris said...

They're all beautiful Claudi you are so skilled! Hope you had a great Christmas Day. About the Frantage...yes I heated it from underneath! Big hugs to you Sweetie. Chris x

Gargi Bose said...

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Karen said...

Oh Claudia, they are all gorgeous!! I sew a lot and crochet once in a while, but I never did get the hang of knitting. Hope you have a fantastic New Year! : )

Tonniece said...

Your scarves are beautiful. So are you baby things. Such talent you have.
Hope you had an amazing Christmas.
Hugz Tonniece

Heidi said...

OMG you are so clever Claudia. I just love all your creations, but the set you made for Tammi was stunning. I just love the color. You are so talented my friend.
Hugs and love

Ella's Design said...

Hey, Claudia! Nice to see you dipping your toe back in Blogland, I've missed your pretty creations! I hope that the house is coming along and that you managed to have some sort of a Christmas - we have only just finished with the refurbishment of our house, so I know how hard it is to be living in a building site! I love all of your knitted projects and so wish that I could knit half as good as this!
Wishing you all the very best for 2014! Hugs, Lisa x

Kelly said...

I admire your yarn work! I adore the styles you made and the baby things are so dear! I am so glad you shared your work with us! Gorgeous!
Happy New Years,

Elise said...

Wowwwww Dear Claudia! You've been busy making all kinds of GORGEOUS goodies!!!!!!! My goodness! Not only card making, but knitting and crochet too!!!!!! And all so AMAZING!!! You're so talented! sigh .... :)

I love the photo of you and your handsome little boy! You're so beautiful! Hope Santa spoiled all of you and you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!

Sending Big Hugs,

Sara said...

Your scarves are amazing, I cannot knit to save my life! so I am always in awe of people who can create lovely knitted things. I will make your card soon to post, I came down with shingles over Christmas which is adult chicken pox so I`ve been to poorly to craft but I am on the mend now so I`ll post a card to you early in the new year, hugs Sara xxx

XxJULESxX said...

oh your multi talented!!! gorgeous creations!