Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Day Before Christmas

or just before 2013 ends I am able to post something on my blogs again.
It has been so long since I was able to sit and craft after our move and than honestly I was feeling so unsecure about my coloring that it felt I had to start all over again. Seeing all the lovely cards from you guys delivered by Bloglovin was nice over the months but also it made me feel - "I cant color like this anymore or I cant do THIS"
Lots has happened after the move. I want to keep this short but I know some of you might be interested. After we purchased the house we ran into many problems with the house we did not foresee nor the house inspection caught. Not only did this set us back time wise but also as you can imagine was a expensive. The house we purchased as I told you earlier was owned by an old lady and she just gave up on it and they never updated or repaired anything on the house or property.

We knew we needed a new kitchen and as we got ready to tile the floor my husband got very sick and needed an emergency surgery. He is well now but of course after that he needed to get rest and was unable to lift anything . So all our "projects" were on hold.
Where are we jet :-) well... lets put it this way... I have still no kitchen in my house, after the cabinets were delivered about 60% of them arrived in such bad condition that we just simply could not accept them just to HAVE a kitchen in. As of now I have most of the cabinets sitting in the kitchen or in my family room. Its a MESS.  I will post some of the photos below the card photo if you are interested ... keep scrolling down otherwise I think I want to show you the card I made. I quickly took this photo in my living room. Not sure if I will get my tent up anytime soon - I kind of like the "look" of it and its so much faster. I colored this image together with Angie who helped me with her new Tim Holtz Distress Markers and water coloring. It was a nice day with her just crafting :-)
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Paper: Watercolour

Thank you :-)

here are some photos taken yesterday of my kitchen.... we had to redo walls, fix a big hole in the floor, ripped a layer of tiles and laminat out in order to tile, removed one larger window so we can have the peninsula come out right underneath the window, open a wall to make the entry larger to the family room

I am quite happy how my cabinets turned out ... here in the USA the trend is right now to have all white cabinets, my husband hates it :-) so our compromise was to go with Maple cabinets in grey stained with an ebony brush finish. I am going to have a white Granite as counter top.



doris said...

Hallo Claudia, deine Karte sieht *wunderschön* aus.

Ganz liebe Grüße aus dem kalten Deutschland und gute Besserung für Deinen Mann sendet Dir Doris!


Ho Claudia
Lovely to see you posting sorry to hear about all of your probs you have had and i am sure it will come right one day for you and your card is gorgeous and beautiful as always
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Dorte said...

You still have the take on colouring for sure....lovely card. Hope things in your house will be sortet out asap,
hugs Dorte
glad to se you posting again

Tracey T said...

It's so good to have you back, Claudia! So sorry to hear that your house move has been so problematic but glad that hubby is better now. Your kitchen will be lovely when it's all finished so it will give you something to look forward to! You certainly haven't lost any of your crafting talent - this card is amazing and, as every, beautifully coloured. Hugs, Tracey x

Sandra H said...

Hi Claudia, Oh l know what your going through l have just moved and we are in a simular state time will cure all but its the waiting thats so annoying ....l also hope your hubby is better now after the op....your card is stunning absolutely gorgeous colouring no problem them keep safe xx

Irene said...

Hallo Claudia,

Ich habe soooooooo oft an dich gedacht, wollte auch mailen aber das letzte Mal endete meine Mail in dein Spamfolder also ich freue mich riesig endlich Mal wieder was von dir zu hoeren/sehen!! Ihr habt eine schlimme Zeit erlebt mit dem Umzug und Operation von dein hubby und immer noch nicht fertig im Haus (wie habt ihr ueberlebt ohne Kueche???). Ich druecke die Daumen dass zu Weihnachten alles Okay sein wird und wuensche Frohes Fest und alles Gute fuer 2014!!!
Deine Karte ist schoen wie immer also keine Bedenkungen und einfach wieder loslegen und uns geniessen lassen!!

LG, xx Irene

theCook said...

Nice card! Good luck with the kitchen!

Donna Mosley said...

Gorgeous card Claudia, love the sweet image & design.

Donna x

Irene said...

Heya Claudi,

Danke fuer deine liebe Worte auf meinem Blog und meine Mailadresse ist ganz einfach:

Du wirst aber nicht sofort eine Antwort von mir bekommen denn wir fahren gleich zum Bahnhof um Tochter Sylvia und Schwiegertochter Laura ab zu holen. Ich habe glaube ich schon Mal erzaehlt dass die in England wohnen. Die besuchen uns bis zum 17. und wir freuen uns sehr!!!!! Feiern verspaeteten St. Nikolaus und fruehe Weihnachten zusammen.
Zu Weihnachten werden sie in Washington Laura's Familie besuchen....manchmal ist die Welt doch sehr gross aber darueber brauche ich dir ja nichts zu erzaehlen.

xx Irene

Elena F Scrap said...

Hello Caludia'm thrilled to see a post on your blog, I've missed you a lot A LOT!.
Your card is very beautiful as always and do not worry, you coloring as the professional you are. It is superfantastic. I wish you good luck with the house. Happy holidays. Elena F.

Christina C. said...

Welcome back Claudia!!!! Dein Kaertchen ist super...ganz toll!!!! Dein kolorieren, wie immer, ist einzigartig.
Ich wuensche Dir eine Kueche fuer Weihnachten.

Jayne A said...

fabulous card and good luck with the kitchen.

Angela said...

Liebe Claudia,
oh wie schön wieder von Dir zu hören,bzw. zu lesen.Auch wenn es nicht so schöne Nachrichten sind.Das mit Deinem Mann tut mir sehr leid und ich wünsche weiterhin gute Besserung.Auch für das Chaos mit Eurer Küche drücke ich Euch die Daumen,dass es bald vorbei ist.
Über Deine Karte brauchst Du Dir keine Gedanken machen,die ist wie immer wunderschöööööön.Du hast überhaupt nichts verlernt.Sieht dich klasse aus.
Ich wünsche Dir schon mal ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und alles Gute für 2014.
Liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

An absolutely gorgeous card, I do hope your kitchen gets finished soon!
Helen x

Dena said...

Miss you!!!!!! I was just telling Tammi how I missed you today! I'm so happy to hear you are still crafting if but only a little bit. Sorry your house has been such a pain in the rear! That stinks!!
I love the card you made, it is beautiful and your coloring is always gorgeous!
Best of luck with getting your house in order. Show pics when the kitchen is all done ok.
Hugs Claudia!!!!!!!

debbies said...

So pretty!

Lisa Lynn said...

Claudia, your card is gorgeous! So sorry to hear the rough time that you had. I hope your husband is feeling better and that you can get your house put back together the way you want. Happy Holidays.

Candy said...

Hi Claudia,
So lovely to hear from you before Christmas :o) Hope you and your family have a great one despite all your house problems!
Very sorry to hear about your DH and hope he is back to normal soon.
Oh boy what a pack of troubles you have run into with the house. I must say though, it looks large, airy and light and will be wonderful when it is finished.
Your card is most beautiful! Fantastic job as always.
Best Wishes, Candy

scrappinpeg said...

Welcome back Claudia. Sorry about all the home remodeling problems. I had a lot too when we moved into a brand new house. Water leaks and more water leaks. Took years to fix and find them all! Never doubt your coloring skills! Glad you are back!

yvon said...

Welcome back, love to see your creations again and this one is absolut gorgeous.
Hope that everything will go oke with your kitchen.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Yvon

Heidi said...

Dear Claudia
I really miss you my friend. can you please send me your new address so I can send you something <3
My new mail address is
Hugs and love

Elise said...

HI Claudia!!! OooOh how we've all missed you! ;) Well, gosh, by the looks of this .. it seems like you've never stopped colouring and making cards .. it is still the same AMAZING work as ALWAYS!!! Truly love your creation .. so GORGEOUS every single time!!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your move and your hubby getting very sick. :( I am glad to hear that your hubby is well now. Whew! I do hope everything will come along smoothly with the rest of your move and be everything you want it to be and more. :)

Glad to hear that you had some fun with Angie! Nothing like getting together with a gal pal and crafting together! :)

Sooo happy to see you!!!

Sending BIG Hugs,

Sara said...

Hi Claudia, it`s so lovely to see you back in blogland again you and your lovely cards have really been missed. So sorry to hear of all your problems with the house and your poor Husband but I am so glad he`s on the mend now. You should never be worried about your colouring it is always and has always been superb and something I always aspire too. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, hugs Sara xxxx

Glimpses of My Heart said...

So good to hear from you again. Having your house a mess is so hard! Your card is beautiful. Coloring is like riding a bike, you don't forget how to do it! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Tammi said...

Missed seeing your cards here, happy your back to blogging!! Beautiful card! ~hugs

doris said...

Liebe Claudia, ich freue mich das Dir mein Header gefällt. Mein Schwiegersohn (hier liegt auch das ©) hat ihn mir zur Verfügung gestellt. Die kleine Dackeldame gehört unseren Kindern.

♥liche Grüße

claudia said...

Very beautiful card Claudia!
I hope to read new posts and see your new creations soon but anyway you are always in our hearts.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family
Good luck for all in your life!
Many hugs

Louise said...

Just seen you pop up on my side bar and so pleased to see you back and with totally gorgeous work.So sorry to hear of all the problems you have had and I do hope your husband is well now. Wishing you much happiness at Christmas and for the New year and I am sure all will come together and your home will be a beautiful place for your family.
Hugs louise xx

Danielle Champagne said...

OH! boy, this is not easy to look at, I can imagine how eager you are to have everything put together. Your card is as lovely as can be, and as I wrote on the other post, you have not lost your touch. The "claudia" trade mark is well and alive! gorgeous image, wonderful coloring, and such a pretty layout. Hugs.

Unknown said...

Hi Claudia, so glad to see you posting again!! I've been checking every other day and was so happy to see one of your beautiful cards! It's hard for me to see you be so negative about your coloring….your coloring is AWESOME, you make the most beautiful cards EVER. I have been following your blog for many years and I am always inspired by your coloring!! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!!