Tuesday, March 12, 2013

matching sewing utensils pouch

Hello there!
Back with a new posting. I am really sorry I left the last posting so long on the top. It was not intentionally. I got really sick, so my immune system was weak that I caught on top of the flue an other infection and it took me longer to feel better.
I have some brushes made, 2 cards a shadow box and the pouch and just did not even feel well enough to take photos of the things.
But first let me say “thanks” to all of those who left me such wonderful comments on my last posting. It really made me feel so much better and I did try to comment back on your blogs as well. I decided – like you all said just ignore that comment and continue to do my writing in English. What the heck Smile right!!!

Claudia_Rosa_sewing pouch_1

Today I would love to show you the little sewing pouch I made from the last piece of left over fabric from my sewing machine cover. geeezzz… that pouch took me longer (and to be honest needed my husbands help) than the cover for the machine! I had trouble with the “tunnel” to add the pull strings! I just could not envision where to sew. Anyhow.. its done Smile the tassel drawstring was purchased at Joanns in the curtain section and cost more than the pouch and the sewing machine cover all together lol but I like it. Some flowers I sewed on and some of the embellishments as the pearl swirls I glued onto the fabric with fabric glue. The pouch has the right size to hold some of my thread spools, buttons and other things. The image is Magnolia Tilda with sewing machine she can be found in the Summer Memories Collection.

Claudia_Rosa_sewing pouch_2

I have been stuck in the house for more than a week and my local yarn shop sent a email out that they got the new Spring yarns. awwwhhhh… temptation, temptation! The other day I just randomly browsed around to find some inspiration for color combinations in nature and I must say I do like the colors and combinations of the bird! The cactus photo with the orange yarn I just found so cool that I had to save that photo onto my hard drive Smile


I let you go!

Thanks again for all your support.

With love


Sinikka said...

What a beautiful creation and colored so lovely . And I just love the bird.....isn't nature a perfect place?
Hugs Sinikka

Debbie said...

This is gorgeous Claudia.You look after yourself and take things easy.Thinking of you.Such beautiful creations on your blog.Inspirational.Big crafty hugs Debbie x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have been poorly, love your gorgeous creation!
Helen x

Juls said...

This is so cute!! hugs Juls

Ella's Design said...

I love your little sewing pouch, Claudia and the way you colour onto fabric! (I presume it is some sort of calico or fine canvas that you work on?) It's quite often that the little things we make take as much time and expense, if not more, than the bigger projects, but I think it was worth it, it really is beautiful! I too am experimenting with colour and love the combination of colours in the bird...will have to try that one! Hugs, Lisa x

Tammi said...

Gorgeous bag to go with your cover Claudia, you are so creative! Love the pic of the bird too! ~hugs

Candy said...

Hi Claudia,
Ii am sorry to hear you were so sick :o(
Hope you get your strength back soon.
Love your sewing pouch - so pretty.
Beautiful pictures as well.
Big Hugs, Candy

Becky said...

This is gorgeous! What a beautiful sewing pouch.
Beautiful photo of that bird, he has such beautiful colors and yes love the yarn :)

Dianne said...

Claudia, the bag is wonderful, your image is so sweet,the swirl of pearls lovely now those tassels are gorgeous, they were worth it, thanks for sharing this lovely creation..

Franz♥ said...

Wow! Totally love it Claudia! So lovely and original...I'm glad you're feeling a little better :*

Hugs, Franz.

Lynsey said...

Don't let the haters get to you Claudia, you write away however you wish, it's your blog after all. Stunning sewing pouch too! Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you are feeling a bit better now. Lyns xx

Kelly said...

Fabulous bag, you have a wide range of talent! Love Tilda on fabric. I hope you are gaining strength and get well soon.
Hugs Kelly

Kelly said...

Fabulous bag, you have a wide range of talent! Love Tilda on fabric. I hope you are gaining strength and get well soon.
Hugs Kelly

Kelly said...

Fabulous bag, you have a wide range of talent! Love Tilda on fabric. I hope you are gaining strength and get well soon.
Hugs Kelly

Sara said...

The little sewing pouch is gorgeous Claudia, I`m sorry to hear you have been unwell but I`m glad you are feeling better now, hugs Sara xxx

Dianne said...

Claudia thanks for visiting:):), I love the color of the bird soooo much, what ever I do next ( I never know what I'm doing hehehhe)
will be in those green, purple which are my fav's and that gorgeous blue. I can relate to your inspiration. Thanks a bunch for so inspiring me, have a wonderful day...

Louise said...

Wow loving the little pouch and the colouring on fabric,just perfect.
Hugs louise xx

Craftyrose said...

Lovely to see your new projects and sorry to hear that you have been unwell. Good to see your fighting spirit back XXXX