Saturday, June 9, 2012


sunray kalCIMG5906

Hello ladies, today I would love to show you a few knitted things. First up my very first lace project….  I just made it in time to play along with Mrs.-Postcard’s Sunray Knit-Along. The pattern is actually not as difficult as I thought it would be… but I am only at my first chart… I hope the second part, the ends are easy as well. The scarf gets knitted from the center, you will knit one part to the end, rejoin and finish the other end. If that makes any sense Smile

Sunray Kal_process 1_1Sunray Kal_process 1_2

The yarn I am using for my scarf is Madeline Tosh Merino Light in color Silver Fox

Sunray Kal_process 1_3

And here is an other scarf made with super lovely Noro yarn – It has been gifted and my friend saw it already so I can show it on my blog. Unlike other Noro yarns where you have a lot of color variations, this one is rather simple.. just shades of turquoise. I absolutely love this scarf. The mixture of fibers are cotton and silk.


I like to wear those kind of shawls in bandana style. The shawl will look beautiful over a white blouse in a colder summer night.


Well .. off I go… its going to be a beautiful day today.


Rene Sharp said...

I love it when you post about your knitted items, I am a passionate knitter, so appreciate the inspiration I gain from your blog! :)

Sarah said...

A gorgeous scarf in a gorgeous colour Claudia!

Sarah x

Marie-Anne said...

The scarfs are lovely. Wish I could knit like that, I only can knit a little.


Danielle Champagne said...

OH! my dear Claudia, I love this straight shawl, so very beautiful! and this blue shawl is very very lovely too. Gorgeous work. Hugs.

Christina C. said...

W-O-W.....was fuer wunderschoene Handarbeit!!!!!!