Monday, May 7, 2012

The ":Good" News about the "Bad" News

girls.. thank you so very much for all your lovely warm wishes...
It has been truly a stressful weekend for my husband, the kids and me.

On Friday morning we were told that our insurance company may not pay for the damage. It all depended WHERE exacltly this suer pipe broke. After the plumer was here, we found out that we are covered to the most part (better than nothing at all). Gee... from all the stuff what happened.. i think i can be lucky it broke on the right place.

Cleaning people were working all weekend, on Friday they were even here and had the pumps running until 12 am. The stuff needs to be cleaned out otherwise we will get mold in the house. The waterheater broke because of the water in the motor - no hot water for 1 day :-) the carpet is already out and so are parts of our drywalls (top parts stay)
A the moment i take a short break - i wanted to tell you guys i read your messages and iam touched of your sweet comments!
Currently we have a crew of clean up ladies here and we need to go through every single item, ( i mean tiny things like some stamps i had in a storage unit or all the little toys,Legos, tools, clothes, spare bedroom - you can imagine.. it was a basement) it must all be labeled and  eigher cleaned (smooth surface) or thrown out It all needs to go in a large container in the drive way and than when the insurance person comes the value of our things will be determinded.

My husband helped me get some of my stamping things upstairs into a small room the boys usually use. I hope to be able to get back my beloved hobby by the end of this week??????????? It will be nice to just get the worries out of my head for a brief moment and color some cute images in. All this stuff and worries about the expenses is really freaking me out.

well.. iam off to go back downstairs.

With love


Irene said...

It would freak me out as well Claudia. Hang in there the 4 of you and very best wishes, hope it's over soon!!!!!

Hugs, Irene

Sol said...

That was Goos News in all the bad news... good to hear that the insurance covers most of it..
But I guess it is a lot of work.. Keep up the Good Spirit! :o)
Big Hug from me! :o)

Tracey T said...

You'll probably feel better knowing that work is going on to get things back to normal, Claudia. And it is good news that the insurance will at least cover most of the repairs and replacements. Sending good thoughts! Hugs, Tracey xx

Danielle said...

Claudi, I send you a big hug and courage to go through this very disagreable situation. My thoughts are with you sweetie. Hugs.

creativejackie831 said...

Claudia I know you do not know me. I am actually Jan's personal assistant, and I want you to know you are in mine and my families prayers. I truly hope everything works out and that you are able to get back to your crafting by end of week. We appreciate the updates, and we wish you all the best. Thank you for always sharing your stunning creations. Best wishes again.

Heidi said...

good luck wishes being sent your way, sounds like you need them!! heidi x

LaJanette said...

OMG I just cannot imagine! Hope things go back to normal asap and you are back to your coloring soon. Good luck!


Catherine said...

Hope things get sorted soon...

Suzie Q said...

Hi Claudia,
so sorry to hear of your news and yes stressful i bet!!
the main thing is you have each other and time will heal x
best wishes Suzie QX

Danielle said...

So sorry to hear of this news Claudia - it must be devastating! I hope it all gets fixed up quickly and you'll be back to your colouring desk and creating your beautiful cards as soon as you can! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Hugs, Danielle

Lorraine said...

This must be so stressful for you, and there's a lot of work ahead but I hope you managed to get sorted out soon. Try to keep smiling!
Lorraine x

Ella's Design said...

Hey, Claudi! Hopefully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and at least you have the relief of knowing that some of the costs will be covered! It is still, I'm sure, a really stressful thing to go through and I hope that there are no precious things that have been lost - after all, stamps and toys can be replaced. Fingers crossed the work goes quickly and you can all get back to some sort of normality and of course, your beloved crafting (which we all miss!) Hugs, Lisa x

Marie-Anne said...

That's indeed a little good news about the bad news. Good luck with cleaning and sorting. I hope you've got a little place at the end of the week to get your mind of things.

Take care,


Claveh said...

I am feeling so sorry for you, I know you must be really feeling terrible and trying to keep a stiff upper lip for the family.
I am just hoping against hope that you can be back to some sort of "normal" soon.
Love to you and all your family, my thoughts are with you.

Sinikka said...

I drücke euch ganz fest die daumen damit er alles erzätst bekommt.
Denk an euch
LG Sinikka

Vicky said...

I've just caught up on whats happened sweetie so glad you are all alright but I'm so sorry about all the damage & the stress you are all going through. As well as mess & everything out......listen I have very long hair & I dont mind sharing if it is your hair falls out due to the whole stress of this lol. Just kidding hun just wanted to see if I could perhaps make you smile just a little....its better than crying sweets. if I lived closer I would gladly lend a hand any way I could.
I really hope you get sorted & the insurers move fast & it doesnt cost yous too much.
Sending huge warm hugs to you all.

Take care hugs Vicky xxx

ednamburgess said...

Sounds like a nightmare. Good luck. Don't envy you one bit. Edna

MagsB said...

I think you're amazing, I would be in severe hysterics over this! I hope and pray that the damage is not too bad and that you can get back to your crafting soon. *hugs*

love Mags B xx

Anonymous said...

Sending you all lots of love Claudia....I hope you can get back to making cards soon.....I miss them....and you :-)
Carole x

Rebekah said...

Awww sweetie this sounds so bad for you glad you are covered a bit by insurance at least. I hope you manage to salvage lots hugs Rebekah xx

Karen said...

OMGOSH I'm so glad that the insurance is going to pay... geeze that is so stressful. Glad to hear that your stamps are ok, and I hope you can salvage some more of your gorgeous crafty stuff.

Rufus said...

Stressful? That's an understatement. I'm so glad to hear that the insurance is going to pay, just hope they value your things at something close to a reasonable number. Till then hang in there. Will miss your gorgeous cards till you can color again.
Thinking of you,

shampylou30 said...

hope you get back to normal soon and glad its getting sorted for you sue xxx

Kath Mc said...

Oh you poor thing, glad you are part covered but still a lot of work for you and some things you can't replace. Hope you get sorted soon. God Bless, Kath

Heide said...

What a nightmare! I have been thinking of you, and hope things get cleaned up fast for your sake.
Hugs, Heide

My Handmade Expressions said...
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My Handmade Expressions said...

Dear Claudia,
Keep the positive attitude and look at this as a growing experience. That's what I try to do in hard times. I hope to see you back soon with one of your AMAZING creations!
Thinking of you,
Paola Sullivan

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for you. You do such beautiful work,
I hope you will be able to start again soon. You are
doing a great job by keeping positive.

Amanda said...

I am so sorry to hear of your water troubles! I would be sick with worry and anxious to scrap (it's my stress reliever :)! I do want to say that your card on Flourishes BBB, is Stunning!! I love the way you colored it in :)
I hope your house is fixed and back to normal soon! :)

June Nelson said...

Its enough to freak anyone out bless you, its such a shame, just hoping things can be restored to liveable soon hunnie, thinking of you xxxxxxxxxx

Kortmanitove said...

Hope for you and your familiy to be able to live normal again soon!

Candy said...

Dear Claudia,
I just read about your catastrophe right now!! How awful! I sure am happy the pipe broke in the 'right place' for your insurance to cover most of the damage. I am hoping once they see the things you own and the damage done they will pay more.
What a huge amount of work and such a bad headache all this must be for you!
I feel so bad for you and your family.
You will certainly be in my thoughts -
Big hugs, Candy xoxo

Lorraine said...

Oh I'm so sorry this happened, Claudia! How terrible for you & your family. If you need anything, please let us know. Take care!

Angela said...

So sorry to hear about this Claudia! So stressful for you and your family. I hope everything works out for you and I will keep you all in my prayers. Take care of yourself, hugs, Angela