Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fuer meine Mama

a scarf for my “Mama” Smilefor Mothers Day.

I had this wonderful Churchmouse Linen stitch pattern for so long on my wish list but after reading all the reviews I was rather intimidated by it. So when I noticed a class being held in my local yarn shop, right after our trip to Ottawa I just booked it. I am usually rather cheap with things like that.. I like to figure out those things myself and rather spent the $$ on the yarn. Don’t get me wrong.. it was fun.. we were there from 10 til like 2 pm..and it cost only $25.00 bucks. Turns out if I had spent like 10 minutes on youtube I could have easily done without a class. It is super easy however.. the tricky part is the endless and mindless knitting that’s involved.


The pattern called to cast on 450 stitches – which is the entire length of the scarf. I had the sample scarf in the store on and I decided to make it longer to get more options how to wear it. Therefore I cast on 500 stitches. You snip the yarn every row off, that’s how you will get the fringe on each end (each fringe is 8 inches long) 1 entire row uses about 8.5 meter of yarn. I don’t think it shows that well on the photo.. but the yarn is fingering yarn, which is really thin, so in order to get like 1 inch you easily have to knit 10 rows – I would say 1 row takes about 30 minutes to knit, alone to bind off was about 1 hour.

Mama_Linen_3However.. I enjoyed seeing how the colors of the different colored yarns evolved, sooo pretty. This Claudia handpainted yarn is so soft and light to wear around the neck. I have a new scarf on my needle already with pretty Spring colored yarns (Pink Posy, Teal, Sunrise and Jonquil).
I used for this scarf Claudia’s Fingering hand painted 100% Merino yarn – with this name I had to use the yarn, right ???? Smile (retail 14.50 per skein + 6% tax) yes.. not only good card making supplies have their price Smileand the colors were: Lime, Wisteria, Eat your Veggies, Purple Earth Mama_Linen_4


Christina C. said...

Mensch, Claudi, dass ist wahnsinnig toll....deiner Mama wird es super gefallen!!! Deine Handwerk ist ausgezeichnet....WOW,WOW, WOW!!!!!

Ribbon Girl said...

Gorgerous scarf Claudia - but 500 stitches - oh my goodness, it would take me a week just to knit one row! You should have a medal for completing it, it is a marathon of knitting - your Mama will adore it I am sure! Mary G x

Jeanette said...

A beautiful scarf, I suppose your mamma is very satisfied with it. :) I wish I was as good as you are to knit. I actually start a lot of projects, but never finish them. The only thing I can finish is my cards and layouts... funny. I do love to knit, but I don't have the patience to finish.... too bad. I hope I can pick it up, but don't know when. :) Enjoy your day, Claudia. Hugs, Jeanette :)

Danielle said...

Iknow your Mama will be very happy receive such a beautiful scarf. I love the colors you have chosen for her, and also the lovely ones in your basket. Very beautiful Claudia.

Sheri said...

Beautiful! Can I be your mother? She is a lucky lady

doris said...

Wenn er deiner Mutter nicht gefällt Claudia, gibt es hier in Deutschland noch eine Adresse *zwinker* ...

Der Schal sieht hammerstark aus (tolles Muster) und deine Mama wird ihn nicht mehr hergeben wollen!!

GLG Doris

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous scarf Claudia. I love the colours - I'm sure your mama will adore it! Sounds like an awful lot of stitches to me :-O
The colours of your new 'Claudia' yarn are beautiful. What a great name!
Great to see your knitting and crochet.
Carole x

Anne-Elise said...

This scarf is beautiful! What a lot of work!! I'm sure your Mama will like it!

ribenaruby said...

Beautiful labour of pure love Claudia..well done for finishing it, lovely practical piece of accessory! Ruby x

Dawn B. said...

Claudia you are so talented. I just started knitting and love it. Your colors are so pretty. Great job.

Kim said...

WOW WOW WOW Claudia I love these! And the new spring colored scarf you are working on is gorgeous! How much do you charge for a scarf? I'd love to get one for my sister for her birthday...she loves scarfs!