Monday, February 27, 2012

this and that…

Hello ladies… how was your weekend?
Well.. family in law left and I admit it.. I have a couple of Princess and Princesses sitting here Smile which I really want to colour in and I just can not find the time for it.

Hubby used on the weekend “My” lol new and speedy computer to work on our bathroom renovation so I use the time to do some crochet and “research” for some new patterns. geee… Saturday I was up til 1:30 totally lost in cyberspace and yarn. Must of my stuff is posted over on Etsy. Just thought I share a a few photos on my blog.

I love this new cotton yarn I found at my local store… very bright and vibrant colours. I wished I could find some yarn a little thinner.
Covered a measuring tape and added a big red flower/poppy – I really like it and plan on making some more.
So earlier this week I ordered online some yarn… of course that stuff takes a long time to show up at my house – on Saturday I took the car to the car wash and the yarn shop is juuuust around the corner… so I hit it and left with some more stuff
love love Malabrigo yarn seigh… it is just sooo pretty. This one is Sock yarn very thin, compared to the worsted kind I used though the winter to make my scarfs with. I always wanted to make a triangular scarf. I started one and I am stuck with the bind off row. Can you believe it? it is now in my drawer waiting for some one to help me.
ohh… and this yarn just went last minute in my basket.. sooo soft.. Silk… what pretty colours.. iam making some fingerless mittens with it. I cast on one pair.. I will show it to you once finished.. might share the pattern too if anyone is interested.
mitten yarn


Agnes van Hensbergen - agnesstampcards said...


hugs agnesxx

Dagmar said...

love the way you covered the measuring tape. looking forward to seeing your mitts.

Regina said...

hallo, Claudia

deine Rose sieht ja großartig aus! Und dann auch noch mit Maßband - klasse!
Bin schon auf deine Werke gespannt.

Liebe Grüße Regina

Marian said...

Mooi breigaren kijk uit naar je creaties

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Claudia - the flower is so pretty and I love the yarn you've bought for your fingerless gloves.
Carole x

Danielle said...

OH! Claudia, this is sooo precious! and I love the name of that wool...looking forward to see your project. Hugs.

Heidi said...

Oh Claudia the Magnolia Yarn is so beautiful. Love the colors ♥♥♥ can't wait to see what you are making

Hugs and love

Kaarten&Scrappen said...

Hello Claudia,

What a beauty!
I love magnolia stamps.

Kindest regards Chantal

Heidi said...

I would love to see the fingerless mittens and the pattern. Maybe I can get my mom to make me some. I think that I would actually wear them. And some leg warmers too- always so cold! :) Love the colors.