Saturday, December 17, 2011

Uh! now that’s pink

Hi… I like to show you an other cowl I finished.
Well.. one of my friends really likes pink Smile  So I had a look for a yarn that would fit the bill.
The yarn I finally decided on was Malabrigo Worsted Merino wool in Shocking Pink. It is soooo soft and wonderful to knit with. Although the color looks like a true single color there are some shades going on because it is hand kettle dyed.
However, frogging parts is a pain.. it felts quickly. I would say it is important to make a gauge (Maschenprobe) or be sure about the stich you like to make your project with.
I liked the Herringbone stich, but I ended up making the scarf in “Patent” pattern (i believe it is called Brioche stich) because the stich looks on both sides the same and I just like the puffy appearance. I think it looks best on scarfs. I might give “Herringbone” an other chance later.
I know the stich on the scarfs looks like a simple knit/purl (links/rechts) combination of stiches but in fact a Patent pattern gives you a much more volumes stich than just the knit purl version. You also need about 1/2 more yarn  to the the length you like your final project to be. Most of the “patent” patterns only evolve within 10 rows nicely. You knit 2 rows, but only 1 row does show nicely. It is hard to explain. I did try to find a YouTube video to link how this stich is made but I could not find any… there are about 100 different variations of this stich. I have made a cardigan for myself with this stich when I was 16 Smile . Back than we learned stuff like this in school – Hauswirtschaftsklasse giggle
Here is how I made mine:
cast on 152 stiches with a size 11 US round needle for a size medium
1 Row: k1/ p1 to end – set stich marker for beginning of row
2 Row: k1/ p1 in stich below – let stich or loop drop over the stich you have made from the row above – repeat
3 Row: k1 in stich below – let stich or loop drop over the stich you have made from the row above / p1 – repeat
knit until about 11 inches or in my case I used 2 complete skeins
bind off loosely with a needle size 15 or better size 17 if you have
oh – and BTW… for me this is not a pattern I can knit while watching TV Sad smile I need to look where I have to stich every other time in the loop below – but it was okay anyways. I found the result rewarding
- unfortunately I had no time to block this scarf ( you can tell by the rows.. some are not laying straight) – I had to post it yesterday, but I think it’s okay – the scarf is going to wound around the neck anyways.
I have one more skein of this pretty color and I started yesterday night a second cowl to give to my beautiful friend Michele. I will show it to you soon. It is so easy – you can get it done with in 2 days
cast on 96 stiches with a US size round 10
knit 4 / pull 4 repeat until skein is finished
you got to block this style heavily – I think I will be done with mine by Monday – blocking by Wednesday and done by Thursday. I might try to steam block the first time.


Dagmar said...

that is a wonderful pink. it looks great. I also love knitting while watching tv.

Marian de Maijer said...

Heerlijk zo mooie warme sjaal

Sandra said...

Hi, This is lovely and the colours great too!:) Sandra H

Hanneke said...

Wow, this looks great! I am sure your friend will be happy with it! Hugs, Hanneke

Agnes van Hensbergen - agnesstampcards said...

Beautiufl love the pink color.
Hugs agnesxx

June Nelson said...

Its a wonderful knit Claudia now I could just see myself in this and its pink lol xxxx

Debby said...

looks really pretty!We learned how to stitch at school too.I don't think they give those lessons at schools anymore ,which is sad.

Marie-Anne said...

It's so gorgeous. You friend that likes pink a lot must love it, because the color is so great.


Ineke said...

Jep, that's pink. Lovely job. Ineke