Sunday, July 3, 2011

My craft area–storage ideas

Hello still no card today but since some of you asked me how I store my craft supplies I thought today would be a good day to post some photos.

First.. my Magnolia stamps are stored in a clear box by Collections. – here you can see the ones from the Sweet Rainbow Collection.
Usually Hanglar Stanglar come in a set of 2 (boy and girl) image – I have had a hard time to find a good solution for those kids. For now I love the clear storage boxes Stampin up offers and I just recently purchased a bunch of them. They are smaller and just perfect also for my sentiments. (show you on a pic later)
This is the top shelf of my craft unit – pretty much behind my chair. The bottom shelf holds “almost” Smile (Christmas stamps are separate) all my Hanglars and I can easily flip through them to find what I need.
Inside the cabinet are my nifty clear boxes who store by brads, gems, ribbon-, lace-, crochet ends into colors, also other embellishments are in these boxes.
This is a pic of the shelf unit above my craft table. Bottom part are some of my Sentiments, top shelf Hanglars, Lili of the Valley and my Magnolia stamps from current collection. The ones from older Collections I had to “outsource” into a different room. I move my stamps from season to season around.
Ribbons, Wizzard (I hate this machine) and my new Shilouette
All my border dies are stored onto magnetic sheets and than put into a Stampin up clam shell box (they are now retired but you could still find some on Ebay)!
the dies are sorted in the boxes by manufactures as well. This just how my brain works. Everybody does those things differently.
Most of you have seen already my Copic shelf – it is a piece of 2 plexi glass unit and I scored it for like 15 bucks a piece if I remember right. To the left you can see the index sheet from 2 of my Lili of the Valley sentiment sets for easy reference. On the side leaned against the Copic unit I have more sentiments in the SU clear CURRENT storage boxes.
To the left over my desk is my Copic Aircompressor with some 12x12 papers. They are sorted into Season section.
oh.. ja… here is a shot of how I work my cards. Sometimes I just pick colors, papers, embellishments and add a image to that paper inside a clear envelope. Once I am ready to make this card I just pull it out of my drawer (see pic below) and start making my card. Sometimes the images are already stamped on good Copic paper or sometimes just on scrap paper to remind me what I was thinking when packing this “package”. If that makes sense
Again, we are behind my chair Smile next drawer holds all my 6x6 paper pads and more Sentiments – I think I mentioned that iam a Sentiment addict Smile. Papers are sorted in sections from Manufacturer.
Bottom drawer holds some of my Stampin up papers that I use for matting.
Some of my punches – the seasonal punches I had to bring in my  other storage cabinet which not in my actual craft area.
Storage for my Magnolia papers – they are all sorted in to colors – I just reorganized them all. I had them sorted into Collection but it did not work well for me.
Ribbon spools on my Craft table
More punches I use on a regular basis.
Pixie always close where iam Smile
My craft table when I am working on a card.
Here is my “shy guy” hiding behind the drawer.. when he was little he used to sleep inside the cabinet when I had the paper pulled out Smile now he has gotten too big for that.
Well.. this is my tiny nook – of course I would looove to have a nice room just for all my craft stuff but even if you do not have much space, it works. If you are wondering what the maker of the storage units are.. they are by Ikea – Effective. I would love to purchase a couple of more pieces to add underneath my table. Speaking of table.. the extra long one I have is made by my husband. It was a gift for my 40 birthday.


Kristine said...

Hi sweetie!
It's so nice to see photos of your cardmaking area :)
I love your storage ideas!
Hugs from Kristine :)

Maja said...

WAW, your craft area is something a crafter could wish for:)

Welmoed said...

I hope you are feeling better every day...we enjoy the lovely things you make!
Great to take a look in your craftroom!


Zulma said...

This is very cool Claudia! love your scrapbook room. I pick some ideas from your studio. I need to fix mine is REALLY a mess, my hubby said "it's depressing to be here". But when I fit it I email you a pic before and after. TFS with us.
Hugs, Zulma

Ella's Design said...

I was amazed at the organisation in your craft area - when I am cardmaking, it looks like a bomb has dropped! I try to have a tidy up once a week and put everything away in it's place, but I'm blessed to have a room where I can just close the door on a bad day! (I have to share it with DH's electronic bits, though his space gets smaller by the day! lol!)

Especially_For_You said...

Great collection, I'm so jealous! :)


Pinkllilac said...

Hi Claudia Hope your feeling better.
Love your craft area and thanks for sharing,love your idea for stamp storage.
Hugs Linda

Julie said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I am just working out how to furnish and kit out my new Summerhouse,aka Craft Cabin. Any tips are gratefully received. Love the idea of the ready to go card packs you create. What an excellent idea too,I'm always so disorganised when I go to a crop that I take everything possible but end up making next to nothing cos I'm not prepared. Tomorrow I'm starting to fill my bags ready to go to a crop later in the month lol. Will let you know how I get on. Happy crafting,Julie.x

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Claudia, your craft room is just wonderful! You are so organised.....and full of great ideas!
I love that tripod you have for your camera.....I'd love to get one like that!
Maus and Pixie are so cute :-)
Carole x

Lou Mac said...

How are you feeling?!

Thank you for this little snoop around your craft room!! This is just awwwwesomeeeeee!! I don't know what I like best, the reams of paper or the piles of stamps! LOL! Sooo jealous!

I like your idea of how you work on cards!

Thank you so much for sharing! Some useful ideas in there.

P.S - Your cats.. BEAUTiful! I actually LOVE cats!

P.P.S If some of your SU! paper goes missing.. it WASN'T me! *sweet grin* heehee.

Маги said...

Oh, I dream to have such a room...Awesome craft room, Claudia!Thanks for sharing!



Wow amazing craft room Claudia and you are so organised
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Sandra said...

Amazing craft room so well organised:) Sandra H

Merry said...

What a wonderful journey around your craft room. I really enjoyed all the storage ideas. Thanks so much for sharing Claudia.

Mik said...

Its kind of neat to see other peoples card making space and how they keep things. Thanks.

Danielle said...

Hello Claudia, I hope you feel better, and getting your energy back. You have a collection of copics that makes me salivate!!! WOW...and a lovely corner to work. Thank you for the storage tip.
Hugs. Danielle.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wow - great area!

Nikki said...

Wow your craft room has so much to take in and love all your punches WOW!! fantastic lookie around your space and you've got alot of fun toys to play with
hugs Nikki

Sarah said...

Thank you for showing us around your craft area! I always love to see how everyone stores their stash and usually get envious of the space and goodies!

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Sarah xx :0)

Maris said...

hi Claudia, what a great craft room you have, all organised,and a lot of stuff,thanks for sharing xx

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow claudia, you have a beautiful craftroom.
lotts off stuff, but who hasn't.

greetings karin

Kübchen said...

Hallo Claudia, danke für den Einblick in dein Bastelreich! Dabei finde ich immer auch Anregungen mein Chaos zu organisieren. LG Marion

Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi so many cool storage ideas and I admire your efficiency. Looks a wonderful area to craft. You are so blessed so many crafty goodies. Really intersting post. Thanks Kitty ;0)

Janette said...

What a fab craft area Claudia, you are sooo organised, oh your storage ideas also.xx

Frances said...

Hi Claudia Hope you are feeling better now.
Love your craft area , I also use Stampin Up clear boxes to store mine.
Hugs, Frances.

Ellen said...

Thanks for showing your room. Now I can show my boyfriend I really don't have enough!! LOL

Amazing room!

grtz Ellen

Hazel said...

Claudia it's just amazing how much you can get in one space - I love all the ribbon storage and punch storage. I store all my stamps in empty CD cases with little labels on for reference. Thanks for sharing. Hazel x

cabio's craft corner said...

I see some great ideas here. Thanks for sharing Claudia. Your area inspired me and I really need to clean and organize my craft space like yours. Mine is so messy :o)

Loz ♥ said...

wow! crafty storage Heaven! I love how organised you are :) very jealous I am!! ♥

Tammi said...

Thanks for sharing your craft idea and storage ideas, always love seeing what others do! Love your card idea, I'll have to try that. :) Cute how your cat used to get in the cabinet! Hugs and smiles sweet friend.

supriya said...

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Anonymous said...

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♥ Mys ♥ said...

Thanks for showing us around your craft area! I love to see how others store their crafts:)
*Hugs, Inger*

Renee VanEpps said...

Lots of good organizational ideas in this post, tfs! Cute little kitties too!!

Lisa said...

SO many craft supplies!! :) wow...and you keep them in a good organization wow, many compliments

Janja said...

Very nice craft corner. Crafter's dream.
Hugs, Janja

maxine said...

wow a fantastic craft room Claudia and you have so much lovely stuff can I please come over to yours to craft lol x