Saturday, May 14, 2011

“Things” that make me happy … randomness of my life

Hello, today i am feeling kind of “artsy” … took some shots randomly of the simple things that make me happy.

a suprise parcel from my sweet friend Crissy has arrived yesterday with oh…. so wonderful Pinon papers. i can not wait to cut into them.
The smell of freshly backed French baguette and the smell of herbs – i always have a planter in front of my kitchen window filled with basil. I love to make homemade garlic butter with herbs.

My beautiful lilac bush in full bloom… anyhow.. that one does not always make me happy because it is the main tricker for my spring allergies. Talking about swollen face so i can not see out of my eyes.

Lilac My sweet happy Pixie after i let her snatch a piece of yarn from me. She than the happiest little thing.

Pixie my beautiful rose bush. It has grown this large from one tiny little stick i got from my mother-in-law. I purchased yesterday some new wooden trellises for hubby to mount to the fence so they can climb even more.

on my craft table my brand new Shilouette – which has arrived yesterday and hubby installed last night. It works and tonight iam getting a lesson hahaha. The lovely artwork from my friend Tammi.

the 2 cute newborn hats i finished last night with that gorgeous handspun, handcolored thin and thick yarn


going to the hair dresser and have my hair professionally colored :-) which iam going to do nooooowwww…. gotta run :-)

see you tomorrow.. i have something no stamped to show for The Ribbon Girl Challenge.



Kirsty said...

Hi what a lovely post. I like to see pictures of your cat. The blue eyes are so gorgeous . My cats have Green eyes. Your gardening looks wonderful. I have yet to master that lol. Baguettes are so yummy and there are so many fillings . I am a fan of Sun dried tomatoes and pesto at the moment. Lastly those hats are so cute and look rare and warm. Thanks for sharing Kitty :D

SusanLotus said...

Pixie is adorable!

Jeni said...

Thanks for sharing! Great "hapy" triggers. Your puddy tat is adorable, beautiful papers and have fun with your new toy. ~jeni :)

Crafterkhush said...

Love Pixie.. Hoping to buy a SD sometime in the future...:-)

Christina C. said...

Awwwhhhh, so ein liebes Kaetzchen!!!
Deine post ist echt toll heute...muss nicht immer eine Karte sein!

Chrissy said...

Thanks so much for sharing...I loves these posts...and your kitty cat is so cute...and looks like smell of warm bread gets me everytime too.Wish my garden looked as pretty. having a change around and it's a slow proccess.

Christine said...

Hi Claudia. I knew you had gotten a kitten a little bit ago but I didn't realize that our cats look so alike. I saw the picture of Pixie today and thought she is so much like our cat. We got Autumn when she was 10 weeks old from an Animal Shelter so we never really knew what breed she was but we now guess that she is part Birman. She doesn't have a tail so she must be getting that from some other breed. We love our cat Autumn as she always very happy and playful. She just turned 3 not too long ago.

Have a great day!
xoxo, Christine

Christine said...

Well I guess it would have been good if I had left a link to a picture of her so you could see for yourself the resemblance.

This pic was taken some time ago and so now her markings are a little bit darker.

xoxo, Christine

June Houck said...

Thanks for sharing! Your Pixie is a cutie. Those infant hats are amazing :)

Janette said...

Thanks for sharing these sweet things Claudia,beautiful photo's and such a gorgeous cat.xx

Thea said...

I just read your blogpost, love it! And your cat she is so adorable, our cat has two things she like most, sleaping en eating she is 11 years now.

Have a nice weekend,
hugs Thea

Sharon Cs. said...

Thank you for sharing :) I loooveee all those green colors and I can imagine the aromas!

Christine L said...

What a lovely post...... we should all be thankful for the small things that make us happy!
I love the fragrance of white lilac..... my favourite!
Christine x

Danielle Champagne said...

Hello Dear Claudia, I love your post, it seems I have spent a personal & precious moment with you, I am still working on my Sound of MUsic album, and your post reminded me of Maria's song: My favourite things!
Have a wonderful day my friend, HUgs & LOve. your way.

Unknown said...

Claudia I understand your love for all of those things. I also love my garden and flowers, and wish all this rain would stop long enough to let me go out and do some gardening. You have a beautiful lilac bush, oh and also a precious kitty. Our kitty Stevie looks like she may be having babies soon! I cannot wait. I am sure you already have some allery medication, but what you said about your face reminds me of my poor daughters face, we just got some Allegra and she takes one a day, it really helps.

Aud said...

Such a lovely post, sweetie!♥
Love to see pictures of your everyday life, wonderfully done!

Big hugs,