Sunday, January 2, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Beauty Gift Set Blog Candy

 Hello… Happy New Year to all of you. Sorry i did not post yesterday. I was totally through the loop from the night before.
As promised i would like to offer to one of you something a bit different but hopefully you will enjoy it.

If you like this Beauty kit from Elizabeth Arden (everything you see is brand new, i purchased it along with some other goodies about 2 weeks ago. I have not touched or opened the things, just opened the lipstick so i can take the photo. The cover of the eye shadows has not been removed at all)
1) add your name as my follower
2) add this blog candy photo into your blog roll and link to my blog back
3) enter the candy with Mr. Linky – iam going to pick a winner next week Sunday from the entries there. 

Optional: Please tell share with us what your New Years resolutions are

Mine are:
1) start a diet again
2) drink more water
3) take care of myself a bit more – I need to get my roots colored on a regular basis :-) must say i had that slipped a bit.
Below is a shot with the names of the eye shadow colors – i hope you can see it a bit better. They all co-ordinate super.
Other things included
Elizabeth Arden Red Door faux leather holder for several brushes – sealed
Lipstick in Autumn
Lip Gloss in Honey Glaze (works with Lipstick)
Lip Gloss in Shimmering Pink
Lip Liner Crimson
Lash Extending Mascara
I also would love to share with you an other addiction i have :-) i loove watching make up tutorials on youtube. Not that i ever would wear something this over the top make up but there are some great tips how to get the smoky eye done or your foundation even. One of my favorite channels i watch is by
Michelle Phan she is a spokesperson for Lancome. If you have time check her out. I love her videos.
Thanks for visiting me today and i hope you are going to like the little different candy, but at least it has something to do with colors, right :-)


Ashley said...

Hi claudia,
I'm first up so!, i'm already one of your followers..! been for a long time now. And my three new years resolutions, are actually a very long list of things i need to do.
I had a very bad year, i diagnosed fibromyalgia, and i'm over weight wich causes more pain. My goal is to lose 25 Kg, Take good care of myself(by make-up, nice clothing etc) Excersize more, And keep up with school so that i'm finished at the end of this year. Take care of my daugther and play more (but before i can do that i have to be in a better condition then now) And stop smoking, i know it's a very bad habbit, but for me at this moment it's eating or smoking wich both are bad. I know this is gonna be a very good year, and by the end of this year i would like to achieve al my goals, caus'e i just feel like i haven't lived this past year.!

Thank you for all your inspiration and this wonderfull candy! i could sure use some make-up!,

Many hugs and a wonderfull new year!

Sinikka said...

What a lovely colours 2011 absolutly.
I never use make-up and I hope that a sweet person will win this candy.
I never make New Years resoltions because I seem to break them after one week.
Hugs Sinikka

craftymum said...

What lovely candy. I was intrigued as to what it was going to be.
I will link it on my side bar
hugs sarah x

craftymum said...

Oops I forgot resolutions. I never make them as I have no will power to stick to things. Howewver last year i lost 14 pounds and i would like to lose the same amount this year
Sarah X

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I follow also, and I desperately need this. I've been told I'm WAY behind in all things fashionable. I don't do resolutions because I fail to keep them, but I do intend to try my best to get my diabetes under better control this year. After all, I will have a new granddaughter (due in 20 days) to help take care of, so I need to take care of me first!

angelique (anlou) said...

happy new year sweetie
your candy is awesome, but i don't ware make-up that much
but for those who do, good luck with the candy
hugs angelique

Marley said...

Ohhh wow! Awesome candy.. so much fun to see this candy on the blog, havent seen anything like this before but its awesome! The eye shadow colors are looking fantastic!! and I loveee lip gloss & mascara.. wont go out if I dont have them on my face LOL..
My new years resolutions are; start a diet AGAIN and hold on to the diet LOL.. finishing school in february..
Thanks for a chance to win!

Drea´s World said...

Hey Claudia A Happy New Year schönes Candy da muß ich wohl auch mal mein Glück versuchen könnt ich schon gut gebrauchen :)

Hugs Drea

yvon said...

What a great candy Claudia, love all those colors. Thanks for the chance to win these goodies.
Every year (read: day) i say to myself: let's loose some waight. But no.... it's so hard. So therefore no resolutions for me this year. I wish you all the best for 2011.
Hugs, Yvon

Anonymous said...

Wow great candy, love the colours for the eyeshadows.
My new year resolutions are to lose weight and change my life completely!
Thank you for the chance to win.
Hugs xx

Lisa said...

Well, this year I would like to lose weight, as a lot of women I read ;)..and like you, take more care of myself (food, drink, dressing and so on)..usually I don't care about that, but now it's time to do it, to understand that I need to change bad habits...and your beauty gift would be the first step ;)
I'll put your candy's image on my blog.
Greetings, and sorry for my bad English..

Hege said...

No Mr.Linky here, Claudia!? I settle for leaving a comment, hoping it's ok!

About my new year's resolution: Be comfortable wearing a bikini this summer... I need to loose a couple of kilos to achieve that....

Great candy!

Hugs, Hege

Auntie Em said...

Happy New Year!!!

I am already a follower and I have your posted on my sidebar and linked.

Thanks for sharing! :o)

Mo said...

Happy new year liebe Claudia! Von Herzen wünsche ich dir alles Liebe und dass sich deine Wünsche und Vorsätze erfüllen mögen!
Was für ein tolles Candy! Als Kosmetikerin und bekennender Make-up Junkie habe ich ganz viel Schminke und verzichte deshalb auf eine Teilnahme, wünsche aber deinen Leserinnen good luck!
Ich musste schön schmunzeln ab deinem Kommentar, oh ja in der Schweiz sind die Preise wirklich hoch. Stell dir vor im Ausverkauf hätte ich auf die super teure Jacke nur 10% Rabatt erhalten. Meine Schwägerin ist Amerikanerin und sie schwärmt mir regelmässig vor, was für tolle Schnäppchen man in den USA machen kann, geschweige dann von den unglaublichen Ausverkaufsangeboten... schwärm!
Sei herzlich gegrüsst und bis bald,

Riet said...

What a wonderful candy Claudia.

Hugs Riet.x

Aussie Loz said...

Yummy, look at those gorgeous shades! I too watch youtube... but for the hair styles! I love how simple they make it all look! I actually copied one for a messy sideswept bun for a wedding I went to, their's looked heaps better lol!
My resolutions are much the same as yours, though I'm already failing the diet! I really just need to be the person I want to be. Thanks so much for the chance to win, I did find the Linky but he's hiding pretty well, thanks so much for the chance to win ♥

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie only found your blog not long before crimbo but I have to say I'm hooked already. You do the most beautiful work. Your candy is lush I love make-up altho I dont wear it everyday. I will put a link in my sidebar. I'm afraid I have no resolutions cus as long as I have my family & they love me I am happy & content as can & happiness over-rules everything.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Jorunn said...

Oh wow...Claudia, hun....I just love this candy, and addicted to make up as I am, I just have to enter this one!


Jorunn said...

I forgot to tell you my resolutions...

I will continue on the great year I had in 2010 so my resolution is to not change
and one more... to have fun with card making!


kitty said...


My resolution is to eat healthier and lose a stone for my wedding in June. I walked 4 miles home from work tonight as a start nearly killed myself lol only joking think my legs will be sore for a week. Lancome is my favourite brand thanks for the tip will definately look that up . Thanks for such an addictive blog.
Kitty :)

JPScraps said...

I don't really make resolutions but I do want to be more active. I added a link to my sidebar. I've been a follower for a long time. Thanks for the chance at a fun candy!

Lena Katrine said...

Wow! What girl on earth wouldn't like to win this beauty set????
You're sooo generous - thank you!

My resoloution for the new year, must be to make it better than the last :)

Have a great week, sweetie!
Hugs, Lena K

Handmade by Vivi said...

HI Claudia!!
Happy New Year!!
what a great candy you are offering!
Thanks for the chance!
I`m adding a pic on my blog`s sidebar.. could not be a followers as followers button is not working right now.. but I`ll add myself later!!
Thanks for stopping by on my quilling blog.. I too am happy to know you like quilling... so difficult to find someone who loves too!!

Colleen Holmes said...

Hi sweetie and thank you for visiting my blog tonight! I love the make-up and will be adding it. I am from Feline and will be following you!

Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm off to look at yours now.
Happy New Year!

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Hi Claudia! Thanks for dropping by! I am following you as well via blogger. a great giveaway you are offering! Happy New Year! Amy

Priyanka said...

awesome give away, thanks dear, my New year resolution is to start my research work and don't leave to making cards for this.

E.T said...

LOL never thought someone would put "makeup" as blog candy! That is an absolutely BRILLIANT idea!

doris said...

"Happy New Year" liebe Claudia! Ich wünsche dir/euch alles "Liebe und Gute" und das sich deine Wünsche und Vorsätze erfüllen mögen!!
Ich versuch dann mal mein Glück, dein Candy ist eine Schau...

Ganz liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia
what a beautiful Candy.
I just registered as a follower.
A link to my blog.
Thank you
Hugs Karla

Judi said...

Just registered as a follower; linked to my blog and had Mr. Linky added. Would love to try this kind of make up

theCook said...

I have a ton of make up because I always fall in love with this or that color, and then never wear it. So I'm skipping this giveaway...
My resolution this year: more sport!

Anita said...

What a great candy! I would love a chance to win ;) I like watching tutorials too ;) And the smokey eyes are amazing! For the new year I would like to go to the gym more, And yours is a good one too... Drink more water. I don't drink much at all. Have a great new year. X Anita

carrie said...

What wonderful candy! Thanks for the chance to win. I love your cards, you do such wonderful work. My New Year's resolutions ...... try to exercise at least 3X a week and eat more fresh fruit.

jude said...

My fav along with my craft stuff and my calvin obssession perfume.thankls for the chance to win this fab prize been follower since started bloggin while now.Wishing you a very Happy Healthy,Crative new year
hugs judex

Ludmila said...

Hi Claudia! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Stunning sweetie! I am your follower for a long time. I admire your work. Thanks for the chance to win candy. My link to the right sockets on the dates

My plans for 2011: I want to lose weight, pay more time and attention to her son and husband and I want to finish the wedding album:)

garnett said...

My New Years resolution is not to make resolutions. Never keep them?????

Brubs said...

Hi Claudia, Happy 2011!!!!!
What an amazing idea....beautiful...

Uschi said...

Liebe Claudia,

ein tolles Candy verlost Du hier! Ich habe Dich in meiner Sidebar verlinkt und Verfolgerin bin ich ja schon und es macht immer riesigen Spaß Deinen Blog zu besuchen.
Als guten Vorsatz habe ich, weiterhin IMMER für meine Familie da zu sein, sie zu unterstützen und zu helfen, wo ich nur kann!!

Vielen Dank für die tolle Gewinnchance und Dir einen schönen Tag!

Liebe Grüße

Karen said...

We have the same resolutions !
#1 is on doctor's orders - just 14lb would be good but it's never easy is it?!
#2 - Need to drink more of anything: I never touch soda but I'm sure I spend a lot of time dehydrated and that's not good for the skin!
#3 - yep, using that lovely make-up would sure help with that!

Thank you for the great tip of YouTube for make-up videos! I'd love a complete make-over but being British and living in rural France makes it harder for me to pick up tips. I never thought of watching videos :)

Lauren said...

This is lovely candy! I love the colors!
I've been a follower of yours for a long time and I am so inspired by your work!
My personal resolutions are to eat better and walk more.
My crafting resolutions are to use my scraps & stash (stop hoarding!), and to craft & post more often on my blog.
Happy New Year!

Scrap It Girl said...

Hello, Thanks for the nice comment to my blog. I am from Feline Playful too. I love your blog candy, I linked it up and I am now a follower. Looks like you are busy on your blog, cute site. Glad we met up. I too watch those make up Youtube video's how funny, she is great! New Goals: I just listed a bunch on my site. Main ones, be a better friend, get to bed by midnight, read to my girls more..I will go back and add "drink more water" that's a good one. Thanks Kimberly

NGCARDS said...

Ooh its nice to see a different candy once in a while, this makeup looks beautiful !!! My new years resolution is to find a career I would like and to get a job in it ... fingers crossed! I am already a follower and have added a link to your candy on my blog xxx

Natalia said...

Hi! Your candy is splendid!
So, this year I want to open my own business and create more craft things.
I wish you every success! And I hope your wishes will come true!!!

Heidi said...

Claudia I went and checked out Michelle's videos, they are fun but I can't imagine my eyes ever looking like that. LOL! well maybe someday- I even bought some artificial lashes, they are the thing to wear now I guess!

Paper Bagley said...

Thanks for the invite...what a different gift...thanks! Looking forward to positive energy this year even if the world is falling apart I will try to keep a smile.

Lola said...

Hi! Great candy! Thank you for the opportunity!
Kisses from Italy ***

Laetitia said...

Hi Claudia,
You were right, your candy is great and even though it is crafting related, we all want it.
Thank you so much for the chance to win.
My resolutions for this year are:
1. use my stamps before buying new ones
2. send cards I make and not wait for ages before I do so
3. find some time to craft and post on my blog

Happy new year
Laetitia xx

Lana said...

Wow Claudia what fabulous girlie candy!!!!
Happy New year to you and thank you so much for offering such a wonderful gift!
Lana xoxo

Маги said...

What a great idea for candy! Thanks for the chance!
My resolutions for this year are: returned pre-pregnancy shape-only 4 kg more :) learn to drive


AsilisA MaM said...

Happy New Year Claudia!
I wish all your resolutions will be done this year.
Thanks a lot for the candy - I love the brand!
as to my resolutions for this year:
lose 10 kg;
to go to swimming pool;
to see Italy
I love your blog and your creation ideas!

Irene said...

Happy New Year Claudia!! What a wonderful candy!!! Thanks for the chance to win.
My resolutions this year:
Call my family and friends more often
Work a little less
Work out at least 3 times a week
Try to live only in the present!!

Hugs Irene

Selena said...

Hi! Great candy!
Thanks for the chance to win.
I at last have gone to Germany!!!
Also has seen alive Angelina Jolie, BRAD PITT and JOHNNY DEPP!!!!

Sunny said...

hello Claudia
what a beautiful blog candy. I'm already a follower for a long time.
I used Mr linky and put your picture on my blog

Actually, I didn't make any new Year's resolutions, I just wanna be happy again. I had a lot of bad luck last year, I lost my 2 beloved cats in November and one 3 days before Xmas and I'm still so sad :-( that's my wish for 2011, I wanna be happy again because I miss my two honeys so much

madebyKarla said...

Hi! This is a cute candy idea, I'm already a follower and I'm sharing your candy on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance ;)
oh my resloution is to make a few minutes for art on a daily basis!

Anonymous said...

Hello Claudia-
At first: happy new year!
Is a great candy you offer here!
In this new year
I want to loose weight again
be more patient in all
and be alltime a good granny for my grandson (and to the new one in february!)
linked you in sidebar and be a follower now


Regina said...

hallo, Claudia

ein mal ganz anderer Gewinn!
Eigentlich habe ich mir nichts vorgenommen. Wünsche mir nur, dass es mit meiner Krankheit nicht noch schlimmer wird.

Liebe Grüße Regina

petra,s cards said...

wauw claudia what a lovely prize!!!! thank you for visiting my blogg and your sweet comment!! you are one of my favorites i love your cards!!!!
happy new year and thanks for the chance for winning this prize.
hugs petra

Rebecca Johnson said...

Hi Claudia,
Your candy is so different but inspirational in its own right. I've been a follower for a long time. Love your blog. Many thanks for the chance to win. My husband of 27 years passed mid-August so my main resolution is to "Let go; let God." I'm giving it all up to Him. It's the only way I can get through all this.
Peace, Becky Johnson

Leanne said...

Hi! I'm an old follower. I would have loved it if the giveaway was crafting items as I do not get any here, anyway I do use some make up too :)

Svetlana said...

What an unusual candy!!!

Mina said...

oh oh oh oh oh I lllloooovvvveeee Elizabeth Arden...I use the eight hour cream and moistouriser every day....thanks for the chance to win these Claudia your a star
Mina xxx

Janniche Drivdal Eriksen said...

you make really lovely cards!

Fernanda Piloto Fioravante said...

I posted in my blog your banner

i don't know were i coment...
Fernanda Piloto Fioravante

Fernanda Piloto Fioravante said...

I want for this year.. To gift many make ups rs but i dont have money to buy! ***

Vaktmästarn said...

Wonderful candy! Love the colours of the eye-shadows.

My resolutions are:
visit the gym at least twice a week and work out really hard :)
buy myself a new bikini this year (my one and only bikini is now six years old and hasn't been used in five years, what do you make of that...)
put some healthier dishes on the dining-table this year

Wishing everybody a healthier year 2011!

Hugs, Outi

Tineke's hobby said...

What a great candy Claudia, love all those colors. Thanks for the chance to win these goodies.
hugs Tineke

gila said...

Hallo Claudia,
was für ein tolles Candy.
Man nimmt sich so viel vor im neuen Jahr, ich möcht ein paar Kilo abnehemen, lach.
Ein gesundes neues jahr wünsch ich Dir
lg gila

matylda said...

Hi! Beautiful candy and it can ake us eautiful 1:) My new years resolution is to do jogging at least 3 times a week, no matter the weather :)

Evelyn C said...

Wow - what lovley candy - still on a theme - insteas of colouring stamped images we are colouring our own image! brilliant! I have added piccie and link to my sidebar and become a follower, my new years resolutio is to loose weight and get fitter and to keep my blog up to date!(which i failed miseraly at last year!)

Lisa said...

Я постоянно читаю Ваш блог. Мне нравятся Ваши работы. Они очень красивые и добрые.
Эта конфетка для читателей - настоящий новогодний подарок.
Спасибо за возможность принять участие в розыгрыше конфетки (или просто помечтать). Мне тоже нравится косметика от Элизабет Арден.
Я работаю и остальное мое время занято семьей и домом. В новом году конечно-же хотелось бы больше уделять времени и для себя.
Хочу заняться фитнесом, но не для уменьшения веса, а просто для поддержания здоровья.
Здоровье - это самое главное богатство человека! Желаю Вам и Вашим и Вашим читателям именно здоровья!

Ссылку я добавила в своем блоге на боковую панель.

RubyM:) said...

HE HE HE I love makeup candy lol! Which i'm low anyways lol!You know what makeup line ids very good and not too exagerated.Bobby BROWN nad MAKE UP FOREVER!! I love them♥

Ok My New years resolution is ofcourse dieting and that i'm doing for sure!!!! I'M A SHORT GAL so being 15lbs more for my size is a no no.

Then DOING MY HAIR TOO!!!!!! I need to improve keeping up with my hair coloring touch ups

Mainly more me time.I need to do more things for me.Yup that sums it up.Thanks for the chance to win candy if it's still going :) ,RubyM:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Les hele bloggen, ganske bra

Anonymous said...

Hi, Claudia!
I did never see who won this candy... where is the blog about this winner? Could you please, help me?


send gift Philippines said...

Cool gift ideas! Wish someone also send me like that.


tanveer said...

Brilliant idea.give some detail and add some more collection....lahore flower delivery

Anonymous said...

BOBBIE 5508.
She did SAHARA RED 22.
Now OSIRIS is on the map with ARTERNN- GERADE-

Anonymous said...

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Bill Edwards said...

Hallo Claudia, was für ein tolles Candy. Man nimmt sich so viel vor im neuen Jahr, ich möcht ein paar Kilo abnehemen, lach. Ein gesundes neues jahr wünsch ich Dir lg gila

Pauline Reyes said...

Hi Claudia, I love swatches Sunny Pink and Fizz! :)
~Pauline @Kallony