Friday, November 21, 2008


Here are the pictures i was talking about yesterday. Heidi asked me to show her how the containers look like that i got at Ikea to store the Copics. (yes .. i do have A LOT :-)
I like the white container you see on the top left the most.. but that one is like 5 dollars and the ones on the bottom row only 99 cents each and the long rod only 2.99 which made it a lot cheaper. Plus due to the size of the white one i would have had only space for 6 containers vs 7 of the plastic ones. (the silver bins are also from Ikea - store in those Tombow markers and other supplies)
Here you can see how i store my stamps - I like the clear boxes from Stampin up. Since i barely use my Stampin up stamps anymore - i unmounted those added them to thin EZ mount and store those in DVD Jewel case containters (you see a peek of those on the right hand side of the pic). The Magnolia stamps are in the containers and i used the Computer to make a label - so i can find fast what i need. I know petty much each stamp that is in a Collection so i don't need to actually SEE the stamp to pick a image for a scene. If you need to see your stamps.. the system i had before would probably work.. i used a binder with sheets where the stamps actually could stick on.
This is a close up of my 7 year old Kenmore machine (this machine was a present - i did not pick it myself) I love to use the stretch stitch the most on my cards. If i choose stretch stitch i can sew with all the stitches you see on the pattern side bottom row. If i choose length number 2 i can sew the patterns you see on the top row in the pattern line.
I hope this helped some of you.. I had some emails regarding these things so i figured it might be interesting for others too.


Heidi said...

Those containers are perfect for the copics. Mine are still in my SU metal box that one of the punch kits came in (as I got this idea from you too!) But I have a hard time finding, although easy to transport around the house or on trips. I like the 99cent ones- simple and functional. I don't have the area you do in front of you- hubby put up my punch holder, I should photo and show it again- it is new and BIGGER and FULL! heidi

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo's Claudia, thanks for sharing your craft space. You are super organised :-)
Carole :-)

Anonymous said...

Great photo, thanks for sharing. Wow, how many stamps you have.

scrappinpeg said...

Thanks for showing the containers for your copics. I've been have a fit with all mine in just a storage box. Driving me CRAZY. Love this idea and I think it would work for me well. hugs.... Peggy

Elena said...

Very neat organized working space!
Thank you for sharing the pictures!

Laura said...

nothing I love more other than scrapbooking stuff... things that hold things, things that organize things! LOVE it!!!

Jodi said...

Nice to see how you store your stamps! Great to see how organized you are. =)

Debby said...

Great ideas you have there thanks for sharing Claudia.I guess I need to hit Ikea soon,lol.
Have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

I have been storing my Magnolia stamps in CD cases (most 3 to a case) and I also label the spines to read what is in them without taking the cases out of the CD tower that I store all of my unmounted stamps in. I also have gone to the site and printed a black and white copy of the stamps cut them out and glued them to the Cd case as I just started collecting the stamps and am not that familiar with the stamps yet. I also do that with the other unmounted stamps I have so when I remove a CD case I can see at a glance what is in the set. Ann Lind

Viv said...

I can feel a trip to Ikea coming on!! I have no space at all in my craft room as it has to double up as a spare bedroom. Any hints on storage are like gold dust and these containers hanging off the rod are a great idea.
Thanks Claudia.
Viv xx

retiredheather said...

Thanks for sharing all your methods. Now all I need is to find a Ikea store someplace. I think that is the only line we do not have here and so many bloggers refer to it. I am now on the hunt for the closest one. Trip time approaching.

Karen said...

That is really interesting for me too: I am just starting to plan what my craft room should have.
Thank you

Kelly Schelske said...

Thank you so much for showing these picts Claudia. I am getting a new computer and desk and storage stuff for my craft room between now nad the new I think a trip tp Ikea is definitely going to happen!! Hugs, Kelly

Heidi said...

So fun to see this Claudia because I have the same containers for my copics and i really love them. Its so easy to take the one you need.

Hugs and love

Scrapbuggin said...

Would love to see your images...I love IKEA and just purchased so neat storage containers with a rod.