Sunday, November 2, 2008

cm / inches help with your scoring tool or templates

Hi, iam back with a quick posting this morning.
I got an email from my friend Andrea asking me about the measurements on her new scoring tool. I knew exactly what problems she was talking about and even after 6 years i still think in my head in metrics. i thought it might be helpful for some of you if i also posted this here on my blog so if you ever see online a template you can probably use this:
alles ist geteilt in die haelfte / you always devide in half by example 1 inch half of it is called 1/2
beispiel :
1 inch die haelfte / half of it = 1/2 inch
die haelfte / half of it = 1/4 inch
die haelfte / half of it = 1/8 inch
die haelfte / half of it = 1/16 inch
die haelfte / half of it = 1/32 inches

von halb inch nach oben ist 3/4 of an inch /
the next "little line" up half inch is the same as 3/4 inch
3/4 of an inch ist das gleiche or the same as/wie 6/8 inches
naechster strich / next little line above is/ nach oben ist 7/8 inches
next litte line down from 3/4 inch called 5/8inches / strich nach unten ist 5/8 inches

Wenn man irgendwas von inches in cm umrechen moechte dann multipliziert man das mit:
25.4 mm


Monica said...

Hello, Thank you for this explenation, but could you please also translate the rest of the text to english ?

Andrea said...

Hi Claudia, erstmal danke für deine mail. Lieb von dir das du es auch nochmal auf deinem Blog erklärst. Ich denke ich hab´s jetzt kapiert.