Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hello ladies,
may i ask you for your help?
could you take a minute and look at my proll on the left side of the blog?
I was wondering if i should write my postings in German and have a google gadget to translate the German into the language you speak. My english is anything but good and some of my German friends told me that they will get all kinds of funny translations if they add the text in a online program.
What do you think?

Thanks for your time!


Jeanette said...

Hi Claudia, I just placed my vote. First of all, your english is very well-written and I find it charming! I voted for English. I have a blog friend whose blog is in German and when I use the translator, it is very strange and hard to understand. So I guess you are in a dilemma. Hope the poll shows you a clear winner!
Hugs Jeanette

Debby said...

Hi Claudia I voted for English too ,my German is very rusty ,lol.Your Englsih is perfect for me.My mother tongue isn't English either ,but I prefer writing in English cause most of the blog world is in English .We understand you . A mistake here and there ,who cares, We love your cards!!!!

Suzanne said...

Hi Claudia. I just voted for English - your English is just fine, so don't think it's not. I can always understand exactly what you are saying. LOVE your blog.

Scossie Jane said...

No Claudia, your English is just beautiful, I applaud anyone who can speak and write any language other than their mother tongue, I have absolute respect for that, as I cannot speak your language and for you to master mine so eloquently is indeed admirable.

Please continue in English. Your minor errors in what is a very difficult (and illogical) language, only add to your charm xx

Don't change the music either xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,thanks for your nice comment in my blog :)
I think your english is well written, and easy to understand for us who do not have english as main language. (my english is horribly,..hehe)
I think you should do as you feel is right for you..
On the other side - there is a huge blogger world writing in english, but I understand your dilemma.
I vote for english :)
Hugs Inger

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia,

girl your english is great and very well written! I'm a kind of in the same position being dutch and writing in english is not always that easy *lol* but on the other hand why bother, hey at least we try;o)

If you are going to write in german, that's also fine with me I do understand that too.

Hugs, Inge.

Kelly Schelske said...

Hi Claudia, I too voted for English. I know you are always worried about your English, but trust me, it's great!! Let me say, your English is 100% better than my German!! LOL!! I always understand what your writing about!! Hugs, Kelly

Irina Blount said...

Hi Claudia, I voted for English. Pelase don't switch to German, I love reading on your blog so much. Even when you make little mistakes, they are cute! I love your cards and would really miss being able to read the description.

You know, English is not my first language either..

I really hope English "wins"..

:) Irina

retiredheather said...

I love your blog and find your English enchanting. It has a flair to it that an English person does not show. I love your work in English so please continue to do so.

Anne said...

Hi Claudia, I occasionally use a translator to translate my comments onto someone's blog who isn't English and I dread to think how it must read to them!! LOL!! I have to agree with everyone else and say that your English is better than mine, and I AM English!!! LOL!! However, if you are more comfortable posting in German, which is after all your native language, then I will happily use the translator button and see what it throws up - sometimes it's a great giggle and I have been known to sit playing on Babel just for the laughs!! But rest assured, your English is Practically Perfect in Every Way!!! ;o)
(pssst... I also wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU to you for your very, very kind offer - I could hug you!!!)

Rach said...

Hi Claudia,
I have voted but I think that it is really up to you...I would really miss your writings if you did decide to write in German. Your English is very good, in fact, I would say that you write better English than me and I am suppose to be English..hehe.
I am in awe of your talent both as crafter and your bilingual achievements.
hugs Rachxxx

TiteC said...

I'm French, so I don't mind if there are mistakes in your English.
One thing I'm sure of... I you write in German I won't be able to understand a single word of what your write... and it would be a pity !!

love your blog, by the way

xxx from France

mnhyrkas said...

I voted for English as I don't understand German, but if you had a translator thing that would work. You wouldn't lose me as a reader either way because your cards are adorable and that translates to any language!

Heidi said...

Claudia- your english is fine girl, I never have a hard time understandingg. I would say, keep it in english. Heidi

Annie said...

Please stay to English. I have a blog friend in Sweden and turning on the translator gives some very strange results! and I have to go back to the Swedish version to leave a comment.
annie x

craftyb said...

I guess whatever is best for you Claudia...I'm selfish and vote for English....I think your english is fabulous, I've never had any problem understanding you...I make mistakes myself!!! bx

Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia - I definitely vote for English. Your English is so good that I didn't even know that you are German and English is not your first language. I just love your blog.

cats whiskers said...

Hi Claudia, I would vote English, but that is for selfish reasons as it is my mother tongue. What ever you choose your blog would still be a treasure and of course I would still visit, but it is so nice to be able to read your posts, and even the few little mistakes you make (very rarely I must say), make me smile. As a country the UK is very bad at teaching other languages and you have my admiration at how well you write in englsh and I wish I could return the compliment and reply in German to you. Anyway whatever you decide my dear will be fine an as I say I will still visit everyday
Hugs Jacqui xx

Conniecrafter said...

I voted for English, I understand everything you say, but I do feel for those who only understand German, there is one blog I go to and just admire her work and never leave a message because it is in another language and I am not sure if she would understand, maybe I should leave something just in case :)

Lim said...

Voted for English too. Every time that I use a translator to read any Norwegian blog it is very strange and hard to understand..
Good luck with the votes.

scrappinpeg said...

I vote English as well.

Unknown said...

I have ,very selfishly, chosen English. This is my mother tongue and when I read your blog Caludia, it is enchanting. Your command of the English language is fantastic and as everyone says, the odd slip up is endearing. More please!LOL
Viv xxx

lisa808 said...

Claudia, your English is very good. I tried the Google translator on my blog, and my husband (he is German) was hysterical over the translation. Half of it didn't even make sense. Needless to say, I immediately disabled it before I offended any German friends!