Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Copic FAQ

Hello, Iam back for my second post for today :-)
In the last few days I had so many email questions regarding the Copic markers - and I hope I was able to help as best as I could. Now, most of the questions were also on what colors I have and use.
I know exactly were you are coming from!! It was soooo difficult to choose and make a good decision on what colors to purchase. First i checked out several web stores. So, i bought what they recomended to match up the Stampin up Cardstock colors - cause thats what iam using much on every card. As soon i started to color at home, i noticed that iam missing in these complete sets, eiher lighter or darker shade of the base color lets say blue - to actually do the blending and layer shadows. I mean, that's exactly the great and fabulous feature on these expensive markers. I think, these sites are giving you a good basic possibility for research or get a rough idea on what colors you might want to buy. I was very fortune that i have just half mile down my house a small Art Supply store, that has a very good selection of Copic Sketch and Ciao. This way I was actually able to test all colors right there in the store. Needless to say, at this point, i was so hooked on Copics that i did not care anymore to match any Stampin up colors.
Here are pictures of ALL my Copics that I have collected:

these are the grey's and i would say the basics you will need for the Magnolias or any kind of faces (Skin White for face, arms and legs, R20 Blush for cheeks, BG000 for the wings and the blender pen)
Blue and Pink
Yellow and Orange (note i use Buttercup Yellow for hair and mix and shade it with E31 brown)
If you look at the shoes i color the Magnolia's the base color is always E31 it is much darker but if you use Y21 with it you will get a nice brunette color)
Greens/Olive (BG23 is very pretty too)
Reds and Browns
Lilac's (RV 19 and RV 17 are very strong bold colors, V01 is very light)
I hope this helped many of you. When i did my research online i did print all of these pictures that were posted from other bloggers out and took it to my store. Maybe this is something that will help you too
An other hint no how you can add your shades:
Lets say you added your first color E31 a light brown down on shoes - you can open the darker color and pick up with the tip of your light color some dark ink and add it right onto the image. This technique will NOT ruin your light Copic marker!!!

Storing your Copics:
Copic markers to not have to lay flat - unlike other markers (example Stampin up). You can store them upright in a container on your desk (altho i am very carefully and mine do lay in a bag flat)

Do invest in good high quality CS. This way your ink will not get sucked in so fast while you are working. The longer the ink actually can stay on the CS the better you can mix and blend the colors. You do NOT need to buy the expensive Copic paper to get fabulous results. If you take a look at this project - see, i did use the Copic paper.. it is sooo thin you can actually see the pattern of the DP.

You will need a different inkpad when using your Copic Markers. I thought Stazon would work since it is waterproof... nooo.. i ruined the very fist time starting with my markers a pink copic :-( I use Ranger Adirondack ink in pitch black.
What Style to pick: Ciao or Sketch
i went with "Sketch" because i like the brush tip better. I accidently got first Ciao and could not color really nice into tiny areas in a image. So i exchanged mine into Sketch. The other nice thing is if you go with Sketch style you are able to purchase later on the Airbrush system for your markers. I know.. this is all $$$ but i thougth in the long run it is worth it. I got my Airbrush system to go with the Copics as a gift early this year and i love it very much.
Some other facts: Sketch are more expesive than Ciao and i believe - not certain - you have more color to choose from if you go with Sketch


Heidi said...

Thank you Claudia for this wonderful information

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Everything Paper Crafts said...

Claudia, this information is so

I am still investing in my Copic collection. I think so far I have about 15 of them.

What kind of cardstock do you mostly use (other then Copic)? And, what kind of ink do you use to stamp the images?

:) Irina

Lim said...

Wow Claudia ! This information is priceless! Thank you so much for sharing.It's great! Thank you so much!.

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Thank you Claudia, this is great information. I have now made my first card with my new copics and just love them. Hugs, Nikki x

Handcrafted With Love said...

WoW Claudia you have gone to so much trouble to explain everything so clearly and many thanks for that. All your cards are beautiful and i'll be checking out your blog daily now .... all thanks to my best friend Viv for telling me about you.

Love Pam xx

Kelly Schelske said...

Thnaks so much Claudia for the fantastic info and also for taking your time to comlie all the info, photos, etc! You're the best!!

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing Claudia. I too started purchasing copics to match SU paper but have since started ezpanded my colour collection.

Viv said...

You, my blogging friend, are quite simply, a STAR for taking the time and trouble to pass on your knowledge. Viv xxx

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Claudia! I have not taken the plunge to buy them yet. But I hear so much about how great they are...I may just have to soon.

MichelleO said...

All great info Claudia! Loved seeing exactly which colors you use most. I need to get a list of mine... I LOVE mine and can't imagine life without them now!

Ila said...

This is wonderful info on the copics...pretty well answered all my ??about them. Thanks for sharing!!

Ineke said...

Oh I think I'll have to start collecting copics : )) Thank you for the information on the colors.
these sets are so expensive especially if there are so many colors in you probably won't use.

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great info Claudia, thanks!

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Claudia thank you so much for this information :)