Thursday, March 6, 2008


i was tagged today from Katharina... i think this is quite fun. here something about me:

4 Jobs I’ve had: started as clothes sales person, office specialist, went back to school made my Industrial specialized office school, worked than as Human Recources Executive secretary and loved it
4 movie’s I’ve seen: too many to list.. since we live here alone with no family and have no babysitter, we watch a lot of movies :-)
4 place’s I’ve been: Niagara, Orlando, Miami, Toronto, Paris
4 place’s I’ve lived: Ulm, Beverly Hills
4 tv program’s I watch: CSI, Survivor, Lost, Heroes
4 radioshows: have no favorite... have satelite radio too many good ones
4 favorite foods: Chinese, Steak, patata amurro (portugise dish my mother-in-law makes this), Kaesespaetzla (traditonal dish from the area iam from)
4 place’s I’d rather be: home in Ulm, or in Califonia, or Toronto loooooove Canada

i would like to tag Andrea she amazes me every day with her cards and she is kind to everybody.


Inger Marie said...

Wow so cute Magnolia cards you have made. I love the colour it is so wonderful.

Hugs from Inger Marie

Andrea, said...

Thanks for the tag Claudia, I'll have a go at it later