Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Coaster Source

I noticed that Step was so nice to make some Post-it-Holders with my tutorial. She asked for some other sources to get to the coasters.
I got mine trough a share on SCS.
An other source is:
American Coaster they should be the cheapest. You have to call them though for the blank orders. For the medium weight 4x4 coasters you get 1080 for $15 and change. Then if you want a heavier coaster, they are like $16 or $17 for 980.
Your contact there is She is really nice, helped me with all my questions. Be aware that the ones I got worked perfectly with the new SU 3/16" corner rounder. I was over joyed about this - you just cut your paper 4" x 4" and punch the corners and you're ready to rock!
or you can try ebay
( She is a well know girl from SCS. Her prices are good, her service is amazing, and she has the 4x4 coasters, 4x6 coasters and circle shaped coasters.

Hope this helps


steph said...

Thanks so much Claudia!

steph said...

Have finally figured out how to add the link! lol! It's done now! Sorry! x