Tuesday, February 12, 2008


iam so excited and at the same time still in a kind of shock... :-) i went over to Kimmies and Sophias blog, of course iam reading my "stamping newspaper" with a good cup of coffee in the morning and i see that my blog got awarded with this award
My gosch i honestly can not believe it...Sophia and Kimmie are two of the stampers that i am drooling over their work for so many years and they both influenced my stamping in many different ways. Did you noticed that Sophia is now working for a second blog called "Moonlight Inker2"? You have to go visit her there!!!! Now i was thinking who should i give this award???
ALL of the girls that are linked on my blog are great stampers and are worth to check them out - otherwise i would not link them here! And all of you deserve this award.

So i thought i award and give you links to stampers that really helped me learn to stamp and give me my daily inspriation for my cards.

Barbara from No Ink Time (cute stamper)
Stampinkub (for the love of my "simple"cards and proof that man can stamp too)
Lisa from Shabbychick Junk
and the awesome and sweet (oh wait) bad, bad sherry :-)

Thanks for reading and i hope you will love the links i have posted as much is i love to look at their work.

Edit to add.

Rosella just gave me the "Cheer me up" Award one more time.

i would like to give this award to Ulrica my teammates from DT Magnolia,Kianel from DT Magnolia France , Bea from Magnolia DT in Germany and Isa DT Magnolia

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Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia
thanks for your comment on my blog and for the award !! this is sooo sweet of you
isa in the uk