Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Copic Coloring Tutorial Part 2 - Limited Markers

Hello and thank you for visiting me today.
I would like to show you with this tutorial that if you just start out to purchase/collect your Copic markers that you don't need 3 or 4 shades of a color by example R81, R83 and R 85.. however it is nice to have. On my picture here i have 3 markers pictured please ignore E34 every single step on my card is colored with only 2 markers out of one color section brown (2 colors E31 and E39), yellow (2 colors), red (2 Colors R22 and R39), green on sweater 1 color.

When i start coloring i have my Designer paper on the side of my white paper and i start scribbling. Once i have determined the correct base color lets say R27 i would pick R29 to add my shades. You would always pick a number that's about 2-3 shades darker than your base color. From you base color you can lift highlights out with the blender pen. All my supplies here seen can be purchased at 7KidsCollegeFund. Tab has a wonderful selection of Copic markers, Airbrush system and most don't forget about the right ink and paper. I love Memento Ink and Neenah Solar White Classic Ultrasmooth paper!!!!

I am using on my card today Sarah Kay's "Precious Moments" by Stampavie can also be found at 7kids College fund. This picture shows you the first base of color. Knowing that you can add darker areas with the same marker by drawing multiple times over one area - i made sure that i have just one layer of color to the overall.
Now i use the lightest colored pen E31 to pick up some ink with the brush of the tip of the E39 marker. NOTE: THIS IS TOTALLY SAVE FOR YOUR MARKER!!!! just don't do it with your Blender pen.
Now i use this ink that's on the tip of my brush to add the shades to the pants. I add the dark color from the top to the bottom. As the ink comes off the tip of the brush i am getting a nice blend of the color between the light brown and the very dark ink. I can use this to brush the ink out towards the center of the pants and even the two colors out.

On this picture you can see how i "feather" the brush from the left to the right, smoothing the lines between the darker line and light E31 base out.

This is a close up and shows you the colors a lot better. See the part underneath the patch? On this spot is currently only a second layer of E31. You can now use the blender pen to lift some color out or smoothen the ink layers.

Next is the hat. Only one color of yellow - making sure that especially on the top is only one layer! I try when i add the color to color in movements how the fabric would lay or flow. Look at the area where the band of the hat is and the hair... this gives me later on an easier guide to add highlights and i don't have to work too much with the blender pen to erase lines that point not in the right direction.
now i add some more ink with the same color to areas where i want shadows or structure. i can do this up to 3 or 4 times.
Same as with the brown color.. i use my lightest yellow marker to get from a really dark maker some ink to the brush.
And add even more shadows.

Lift some color out on the top of the hat using 0 Blender pen.

To color the skin i use E00 and use R20 to add shades (here underneath the arm)

Some R20 to create the rosy cheeks (unblended color in R20 still on arm)

and now i "rub" in circular motion with E00 the R20 color to blend it.

on the bow you see the first layer of red, i pick with the lightest pen from a very dark color some ink to the brush.

working my shades with the mixed color right off my brush tip. You will have to pick up color multiple times off your darker pen. Once your darker color is off the tip of the brush use this moment to use the light colored pen to smoothen the layers out!
and here my husband stopped taking pictures lol.
however.. i used the very dark color E39 to color the hair in.
Thank you for reading! I know my english is not very good but hopefully the pictures helped a lot to show the way i colored this image in.


Lilian said...

Beautiful tutorial Claudia!

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Great tutorial!! Thx for sharing!


doris said...

Sehr, sehr gut dein Tutorial...
"Danke schön"!!

Ganz liebe Grüße

Anonymous said...

wow Claudia, ganz lieben Dank für dieses tolle Tutorial. Knuddels.

stempelhexe said...

Das ist mal wieder atemberaubend.


AMY said...

This is a Great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing!

Lorraine A said...

lovely tutorial, I am seriously considering investing in these pens,your colouring is fabulous

Debby said...

great tutorial Claudia thank you so much!Do you think I can do this with my Bics too?

Swaantje said...

Great tutorial,Claudia.

Thanks for sharing


debby4000 said...

Having just brought some copics this tutorial is just what I needed. Thanks Claudia.

Deb said...

fabulous tutorial Claudia, I have resisted the urge to try copics so far but I may just be tempted after seeing this! Debx

Cheryl said...

Great pictures and tutorial, Claudia! You always give such great help to stampers! Thanks for being there!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so , so much for this! It is great to know that I can get started with Copics without spending a fortune all at once. Appreciate your help!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful tutorial Claudia, such clear instructions and super pictures. Of course, your end result is it always is.
Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques.
Carole x

Heidi said...

Claudia, I have found this technique works better for me as well. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. Your English is excellent. Thanks so much for all the ideas you share on your blog.
Sandy A.

Crealan said...

Thanks for this tutorial!
It helps a lot!

Love, Lilian

Andrea said...

Hallo Claudia,

vielen Dank für diese geniale Erklärung. Ich hoffe ich komme bald zurecht mit meinen Copics. Aber mit deinen tollen Tutorials bestimmt.


Elena said...

Thank you so much for the great tutorial!

dpkennedy said...

Wonderful tutorial! Your coloring is fantastic and your finished card is gorgeous! The inside is as pretty and the front!!

Skraptacular Designs said...

FABULOUS! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog this morning. Your work is exquisite and I will definitely be back to visit soon!

Thanks for the inspiration and for showing step by step how you color your images so flawlessly!


Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia!! WOW! Thanks so much for the tips with the Copics!! I did know that about the blending with two markers!! Great idea!! TFS! :)

Kelly Schelske said...

Fabulous tutorial Claudia, thank you!!

Little GTO said...

Thank you for the informative tutorial. You have helped ne alot.

Ila said...

Thank you so much for this Wonderful tutorial Claudia!!!!..Hugs, Ila

debra said...

OH thanks so much i am so glad you have shared this with us as i have just bought manga one and manga 2 sets and haven't a clue how to use them, however i am a little nervous about colouring on the lighter pen when shading but i am definately going to experiment this weekend. The image looks beautiful and i hope i can achieve this too.
Debra xx
Debra xx

Maria said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. Your colouring is wonderful and it is nice of you to share your tips. Hugs, Maria

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Margreet said...

thanks for this tutorial......I've learned a lot!
xxx Margreet

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